Bad weather, school closures, travel info…


School’s out for these two!

As ever, snow has fallen, and everything grinds to a halt – so here’s a list of resources to find out about school closures, council services, travel, local news and weather.

For a list of all the closed schools in Walsall, check out the list on Walsall Council’s  website here. More up to the minute info may be found on your children’s school website.

The Express & Star are helpfully running a list, and it’s worth watching Walsall Council on Twatter and Facebook.

Free Radio are also running an extensive roster of closed schools.

There’s a whole lot of snow related stuff at Walsall Council’s Winter Weather site, including gritting operations, service closures, bin info.

For those saying ‘Schools never used to close’ check this out.

Latest info is that the bin crews will be out and do what they can. However, side roads remain well dodgy and I don’t think anyone wants a dustcart sliding into their car, garden or kids. Please be sensible – it won’t turn into Naples if bins go unemptied for a week or so. As usual, they’ll take extra3 bags the following week if they miss you out.

Bus alteration information for National Express West Midlands (NXWM) can be found here.

LondonMidland Trains have a great update service, too.

For all the latest in Walsall news, views, protracted grumbling and other interesting guff from the online community, always check out The YamYam. It’s the greatest thing to come out of Walsall since the A461. Make it your homepage.

For weather forecasts, check the best local meteorological service there is, WS7 weather in Hammerwich. Kevin’s daily forecasts are better for me than those fabricated by Aunty Beeb.

Please, check up on local oldsters, and take time to look in on your neighbours. Please try not to drive like muppets, and hopefully we’ll all live to see another day.

British Summer Time starts next weekend, so sunny days are just around the corner…

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  1. Jeepboy says:

    Amazebod next Sunday 13c but pretty damned cold til Friday – c’mon BST 🙂

  2. tony Martin says:

    The Centro website is also very useful at this time,
    Tony Martin

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