Causing an obstruction

I see National Cycle Route 5, where it passes from Engine Lane/Coppice Lane in Brownhills, is still blocked with a chain, as highlighted by Warren Parry some weeks ago. Today, a fellow cyclist out with a child trailer who’s asked to remain anonymous came to use the track and couldn’t get through. I went to take a look.

The irony is that the scramblers are still getting through, mainly from the Lime Lane end. You can squeeze through, but it’s difficult due to the drop. 4:40pm, Sunday, 28th October 2012.

Whilst I understand the land has problems with offroaders and other antisocial behaviour, the main vehicular access is from Lime Lane at the other end of the track, as most of the entry points from Brownhills have been successfully barred. This obstruction is stopping legitimate horse riders and cyclists from getting through on a recognised public right of way.

Ordnance Survey mapping for the area clearly shows a restricted byway down Engine Lane (that’s a route open to all but motorised traffic), and a traffic free cycle route heading south down the old railway track.

Engine Lane is open, as defined in law, as a Restrictive Byway. Thats defined in law as:

‘…provide a right of way for walkers, horse riders, cyclists and other non-mechanically propelled vehicles.’

A key to the track marks on the above map is included below.

Ordnance Survey key guide to rights of way. Clcik for a larger version.

I have no desire to enter into conflict with the people placing the obstruction, and won’t name them here. I can understand why they’re doing it, but it’s blocking normal access and isn’t theirs to obstruct.

If people are to appreciate and enjoy the countryside around our area, and also maintain good relations with landowners and tenants, accommodation must be achieved. Blocking a track that has been open for decades to all but you own use isn’t fair, reasonable or acceptable.

Engine Lane – and Wyrley Common in general – has long needed better anti-vehicle measures; but since it crosses two local authority areas this is difficult.

Please sort this out. Thank you.

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8 Responses to Causing an obstruction

  1. Andy says:

    I remember when I was a child Engine Lane was generally passable, but I’ve given up trying to use it, partly because of the noise and disturbance caused by trailbikers and partly because I can’t be bothered to carry buoyancy aids!

    Nevertheless, something needs doing.


  2. Pedro says:

    I am sure Bob will remember this notice on a Public Footpath, but at least it begrudgingly recognises there is a right of way…

    The notice and chain shown here is clearly an obstruction, but unfortunately I believe you have to go to the relevant Council to get it removed, see this from the Ramblers…

    Thanks to Bob for publicising the photo, the more complaints that are made the better. And you don’t have to live locally to engage the council!

    Regards Pedro

  3. Hi folks

    I’m told the obstruction has now been removed. Don’t go out of your way, but ifyou’re passing, can you take a look, please?



  4. Jimmy the kid says:

    Ranchers driving the natives off Engine lane! Cattle rustling on wyrley common! What next on the lawless western frontier?

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  6. steve says:

    stumbled on this the reason the barriers there is to stop vehicle access. but to stop other forms of recreation is wrong. to stop the off roader’s the land owner needs to block the woodland to the right of the sign that’s where they gain access.
    i wish he would put some fence up or something because he amount of crazy riding that goes on down engine lane when they come off the mud trail is ridiculous, just a matter of time before some walker or horse rider or cyclist get injured as these idiots don’t give a hoot to who the offend or annoy.

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