Something happening at the old Wheel Inn?

Ground clearance appears to be ongoing, and signs erected.

Thanks to a number of readers who’ve pointed out to me over the last couple of days that the old builders yard next to the Wheel Inn off Lindon Road, Brownhills, seems to have finally been purchased by Pat Collins Fairs, who already own the fairground yard on the corner of Clayhanger Road, on the opposite side of the old pub, plus the former Gospel Hall and house adjacent.

Signs seem to have gone up over most of the properties warning trespassers to keep out, and some work appears to be going on behind the derelict boozer. Collins buying this land and buildings would be good for them, and I have no objection. It would, of course, be sad to see the Wheel Inn go if that’s the plan, but if rumour is to be believed it’s beyond rescue and seems to have been off the market for ages. Who knows, the expansion may reduce the need for the continual parking of vehicles on the grass verge on the corner…

Nice signwriting. As you’d expect, really...

Pat Collins is a legendary name for showpeople in the area, and Stuart Williams of the Bloxwich Telegraph has done a huge amount of work on the history of the family and business. It is, of course, currently owned by Walsall Council cabinet member for Leisure and Culture and longstanding Tory councillor Anthony Harris.

It would be nice to see this patch of dereliction cleared up. I wish them well.

Expanding into the old yard makes sense. Imagery for Bing! maps, formerly Multimap.

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10 Responses to Something happening at the old Wheel Inn?

  1. Tony Martin. says:

    Not forgetting that Pat Collins was a member of Walsall council and served as Mayor…

  2. Grande Pablo says:

    I worked for them for a short while but it didn’t work out. I sued for funfair dismissal.

  3. JeepBoy says:

    And provided in his will for the addition of the bell tower to Walsall Town Hall

  4. rob saxon says:

    The aquisition of the land is great news for re- generation of delerect land and im sure the pcf group will endeavour to make use of it..

  5. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    this plot of ground was Gunn and Sivorns’ builders yard some years ago. Richard and Alex Gunn are well remembered by locals, especially in High Heath , Pelsall. Alex was a keen cyclist and rode an” incredible” machine!

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