About that Express & Star article…

I’d just like to comment on the matter – so many people read the post I made on Friday that I was quite, quite shocked. I was unaware that my little niggle could engender so much comment and interested reaction.

Thank you for all the comments – it’s nice to know that other people are reading and reacting to what you write. For the record, I wouldn’t want to be paid for anything like that – I do it for the interest – but for a commercial publication to shamelessly recycle my efforts in such a way was a shock. I realise the article was re-written but it did share commonality with my original – they didn’t exactly go out of their way to elaborate, after all – so to not actually receive any kind of nod towards the blog seemed a bit disingenuous to me. Just what harm would it have done, exactly, to mention BrownhillsBob, the blog itself, or even ‘a local blogger’?

The glaring error in the printed article was also quite indicative of a lack of attention, and just compounded the absurdity. It wouldn’t have been half so funny if I hadn’t included a  Google satellite insert in my post showing where the site was.

In his original mail to me, Mr. Williams signed off with the comment ‘Please keep in touch and feel free to contact us on this email address if you ever feel we can be of assistance with anything you’re working on.’ – I’m sorry, but you’ve lost any faith I had in your paper and you have just ensured that, in the unlikely event that I should ever have any kind of interesting story to share, it’ll be on the blog or with a more – shall we say – gentlemanly outlet.

Thanks again for all your reactions.

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