What the hell?

Scenes from a cycling life, part 937b. I feature this here because it’s still making me scratch my head. Friday, 27th January 2012. Spring Cottage junction in Shelfield. I’m turning right, and the wagon coming the other way is turning left. Then, inexplicably, he just stops. Engine running, no clearance issues with the refuge and nothing apparently in front. Driver appears to be fiddling with paperwork, but I can’t see well.

I’m stuck, and very vulnerable when the lights change. I wouldn’t normally cycle like this, but I needed to get to a place of safety. My language was extraordinary. I’m actually sad I can’t run the audio version. I did look around extensively before and during the manoeuvre.

The HGV passed me a hundred yards further down the road. I still have no idea what it was all about. Answers on a postcard to…

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11 Responses to What the hell?

  1. sabcat says:

    Pure guess but he might think his trailer’s going to be close to not clearing the lights.

  2. Mick P says:

    Blimey Bob, you’d have a heart attack cycling in Rome. Stuff like that wouldn’t even register on the radar of most cyclists/road users.That’s not to belittle the seriousness of the situation.

    • To be fair, I wouldn’t. In cities and dense urban areas you expect this – cycling central Birmingham, Leiscester, Soho Road, concrete collar no problem, because you expect that kind of silliness. What caught me unawares here wasn’t so much what he did, but the unexpected place he did it. It’s normally a quiet, untroublesome portion of the journey and it caught me on the hop.
      I don’t really care for his fatigue, GPS or paperwork, providing that he does’t stop there in future…

      Best wishes


  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    fatigued driver, first visit,poor documentation of actual address.+GPS not up to date = this, so often! Glad you are okay. David

  4. garjo says:

    Appears to stop because the traffic light is on red

  5. garjo says:

    or rather the peddestrian crossing is in red

  6. Grande Pablo says:

    The lights outside the church are on red for the Rushall bound traffic – I think he’s seen that & stopped. I’ve seen this happen before, & his livery suggests he wasn’t British.

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