Police appeal for help over Brownhills Indecent Exposure incident

The Rising Sun - not the best spot in Brownhills to be after dark. Please take care.

I’ve just spotted this press release from West Midlands Police relating to an unpleasant incident at Brownhills West yesterday evening (Sunday 29th January 2012). Frankly, I’d have thought the winter chill would have put an end to the spate of exposures in late summer and autumn in North Walsall but it would appear not.

Please, please, please if you know this man, you witnessed something or have any information at all, please contact Walsall Police or Crimestoppers. That’s a lonely spot and we really need to get this sorted.

POLICE are appealing for help from the public after a man indecently exposed himself to a teenager in Brownhills.

It happened at 7.30pm on Sunday 29 January as the 15-year-old victim was waiting at the bus stop on the A5 opposite the Rising Sun public house island. The offender approached her and exposed himself.

The young victim then ran from the bus stop to a friend’s address and reported the incident.

The man is described as white and in his late 30s to early 40s, just under six feet tall and of medium build, with spiky black hair and stubble. He was wearing a thigh length black fleece coat and blue jeans.

Anyone who saw what happened, witnessed the man acting suspiciously or recognises the description is asked to call Walsall Police on 0345 113 5000 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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3 Responses to Police appeal for help over Brownhills Indecent Exposure incident

  1. f.s.bayley says:

    what is wrong with these people?? hope he gets caught soon and handed 2 the people of brownhills,he definatly wont be capable of doin it again.

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  3. george says:

    Nowhere is safe now days no respect
    Drove along shannnon drive yesterday saw a house had massive foot prints where door had been kicked in used to be respectable area to live

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