A word about the local deer, please…

This is really important with the deer currently preparing to nurture their young.

I need to alert readers if possible to the issue of the local deer population at the moment, many of whom will be giving birth or nurturing this season’s young – yesterday a concerned local came across a newly born fawn on Brownhills Common and was challenged by the mother.

They can be very aggressive in protection of their offspring.

The man who made the discovery was concerned for the health of the fawn and called rangers and the RSPCA – who judged that the fawn was fine and should be left alone.

If you are concerned for the health or other aspects of a deer, you can call the police on 101 who will contact the on call ranger for help. But fawns should be left – nature will take its course.

If there’s been a serious traffic collision, of course dial 999.

As the days move on to high summer, the females will be straying from their normal herd groupings and places to find quiet cover to give birth, and then they’ll be quite protective of their young.

A very long-range photo (hence the poor quality) showing heavily pregnant fallow deer on the Chase. They were skittish, and clearly easily spooked.

I know we all love these beautiful, majestic creatures and seeing them on the commons and green spaces hereabouts is always a treat – but at the moment, the ladies will be truculent and intolerant of dogs and nuisance.

If you’re in a place where there are likely to be deer, make sure your dog is on a lead, and keep your distance. This is true at any time especially at Chasewater where morons with out of control animals every year are responsible for scared deer and disturbed nesting birds – please don’t be like them; control your hounds please.

If you’re lucky you’ll see fawns as they become mobile and believe me, they have cute in bucketloads – but if you find one alone, heed the warning above; leave well alone and don’t touch because momma will be back!

These bathing beauties were spotted taking a dip in the canal near Chasewater back at this time in 2017 by good pal and top fellow blogger Linda Mason.

This is, however a great time of year to spot deer if you’re responsible, and who knows you may spot them bathing like Linda did above and Angela Morris recorded in 2016 when she created the following footage. My thanks to Angela for sharing it.

I think almost everyone hereabouts love the deer, and they are wonderful to watch. Please do, but do so responsible – and feel free to share any footage you create!

Thanks, all.

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