The joy of cycling

Hi folks, sorry, Ive been a bit busy this week, but I’d really laughed when I saw this poster. It’s been circulating on a few cycling blogs and social media. I think it’s excellent. Sadly, it was never used by Transport For London, who found it to be too risqué.

Jamie Wieck/ Airside – The Joy of Cycling: Five Essential Tips To Get You Riding

I found the story of the poster over at Momentum Mag:

Thanks to the designers across the pond at Airside, you too can discover the Joy of Cycling. The London-based creative agency designed its bikey ode to the 1970s illustrated sex manual, The Joy of Sex, for a poster contest to get more people cycling. We can only imagine that the Transport of London judges found the poster a little too, err, risqué. Luckily, the poster was shortlisted for an Association of Illustrators competition, and exposed to the world.

The idea for the innuendo-laced poster was one that designer and illustrator Jamie Wieck just couldn’t shake from his head.

“During my time at Airside I’ve pitched a great number of ideas to many different clients, but as with all pitching, some of the ideas that you’re just convinced will go through inevitably fall by the wayside,” Wieck writes on his site. “Most of the time they fall for a very good reason, in fact most ideas reveal themselves to be quite half-baked with the luxury of time. However some ideas, a very select few, become fondly remembered like an old eccentric uncle you can’t quite forget. The Joy of Cycling is one of these projects.”

Despite nailing both the tone and the look of the original book – check out the facial hair and expressions – the words on the poster are all quite innocent, and even offer some good advice (meet new partners, lubricate, dress up, use protection, do it with the lights on).

If you want to check it out in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you can nab a screen print for yourself.

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