Walsall Wood Remembrance Sunday 2018 pictures

The young David Evans yesterday (Sunday, 11th November 2018) went to his local Remembrance event in Walsall Wood and sent in a wonderful gallery of images to mark this most sombre of  days.

It was a lovely afternoon, and The Wood was out in force… image supplied by David Evans.

And ever, Lee Bragginton of Walsall Wood Scouts, Molly Lloyd of Walsall Wood Girls Brigade and other community folk who worked so hard to stage this event did their community proud.

Walsall Wood came out in force, as ever for the traditional Sunday Afternoon parade, a timing which I believe to be unique within the local area.

Thanks to all in the parade, and all those who attended, too.

Also doing sterling service was David, whose photo gallery I include below.

Thanks to David and all those who took part in, or went to observe Remembrance. This is what community is about.

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  1. Molly Lloyd says:

    Brilliant turnout on this special occasion. Thanks need to extended to the band for their contribution as we could not do this without them. Particularly the 3 ‘old’ boys who come back each year solely to do this.

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