The Terrace Restaurant closes down


It’s sad to see this popular local restaurant close.

Sad news – it appears that popular and longstanding Brownhills restaurant The Terrace has closed – I’m sure this will come as a shock to customers past and present.

Today (12th February 2014), the restaurant sent the following email out to customers:

From: Reservations []

Sent: 12 February 2014 10:05

To: Mrs. [Name removed]

Subject: The Terrace closure

Wednesday, 12 February 2014 

Dear [Name removed],

We regret to inform you that The Terrace Restaurant ceased trading on Monday, 10th February 2014.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your past custom.

Best regards
Anne & Rosemary

The closure has also been noted on Facebook:

Untitled 7

Click on the screen shot to read the post on Facebook.

I’ve had great meals at The Terrace, as I’m sure many locals have. There was plenty of love for the place and many a Christmas party was held there.

The restaurant started life as the Petrol and Pantry ‘Motrestant’, and was converted into the restaurant Hoofbeats in the 1980s. Later that decade it became The Terrace.

I hope new owners can be found and business resume, I really do. Comiserations to all concerned.

Thanks to @tapdiva for help with this post.


It’s hard to remember the Terrace as being anything other than a restaurant, but if you look at it today, it’s not hard to see its origins. I love the name ‘Motrestant’, were there any more about, or was this a one off? Image taken from ‘Memories of old Brownhills’ by Clarice Mayo & Geoff Harrington.

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41 Responses to The Terrace Restaurant closes down

  1. julielem2002 says:

    Really sad to hear this news. I’ve had many a good night/meal at The Terrace. I had my wedding reception there and so did my little sister. Works Xmas do’s, parties etc…many happy memories have been made there. Let’s hope it doesn’t stay closed for long.

  2. mickysix says:

    How many people know that the Beatles visited in their old van (For petrol and Butty), when known as the Silver Beatles and the place was called Petrol and Pantry.
    They also called at Ferries Petrol Station a few months later as The Beatles. just along the A5,

    • Claire Roberts says:

      I am Claire Roberts a shareholder of the Terrace. The Beatles broke down in their van out side my Grans house on the A5 in Bridgtown

      • Hello Claire

        Sorry to hear the place has closed,
        Is this the end for the Terrace? So much sad reaction to the news.


        • Claire Roberts says:

          We as a family are very upset regards the closure. Recession and high bills. We hope someone buys it and it still remains a restaurant. Reading the comments…My sisters ran a very tight ship. And I cannot believe some of the comments…Insects. That would surprise me.

          • Hello Claire

            To be fair, I think the overwhelming majority of comment has been supportive and there seems to have been a great deal of affection for the place.

            I’ve found in the past here that the subject of pubs & restaurants tend to bring out very strong comment.


            • Mat says:

              Hi, my name is Mat and I am a Head Chef. Upon hearing the sad news about the closure of the Terrace I contacted the owners, asking them to pass on my contact details to their chefs as I am currently looking for a full time chef for my local restaurant. I’m not sure if this information was passed on as I have never heard from any of the staff. If anyone knows how I can contact them I would be grateful as I would like to give them the opportunity to apply given their current circumstances.
              Thanks, Mat.

  3. Kerry white says:

    Ah I can’t believe I’m reading this,such a shame yet another restaurant/pub has to close.I’ve had so many good family times there.lots of Christmas Eve’s,special family birthdays including my 21st 🙁

  4. sue pearson says:

    This is so upsetting to read! I have attended so many celebrations, functions and works Christmas ‘Do’s’ at the Terrace. it makes me feel sad that a this business can not survive in the current climate.

  5. I was the dj there through the 80’s 90’s I loved it there also had some great weddings there aswell as private parties x x fabulous venue with Geoff being the boss x x

  6. Vikki Swain says:

    I was there for Sunday lunch with parents. People think it was over priced, but For £16 a head we had a fabulous 3 course meal with silver service. Well worth every penny .My only criticism is that its very dated inside. If only some money could have been invested to bring it up to date.
    Really feel very sorry with this news and for all the lovely staff who have lost their jobs.

  7. stymaster says:

    I’ve had decent meals at The Terrace too. Very, very traditional English, but that made it a handy place to go with older relatives. Sad to see it go.

  8. BB says:

    I had my wedding reception there in June 1989 when it was owned and run by the two fabulous gentleman who later retired to the Isle of Wight. Then it was immaculate and the food was faultless but I don’t think the interior ever change but over the years unfortunately the quality of the food did. My daughter went for work experience there a few years back and having seen the chef late one night ( and what he did with his apron) and the stories from the kitchen from workers ( one of which is a very close friend) there we stopped going . I hope that someone will buy it, update it and it turns back into what it once was.

    • Woody says:

      It’s a shame but we stopped going as well after two consecutive visits we had to return meals as the one contained insects , food wasn’t even what we had ordered and others were well below standard .We only used to go there as it used to be the first choice of my elderly mother. Over the years the standards were allowed to slip, we hadn’t been there in over two years so I cannot say if they had improved any. I hope it doesn’t just get left abandoned

    • its a shame it closed i worked there from 1988 to 1990 with the owners the geff and Edward was fab bosses all ways busy every day and all way month to book a table it same its gone had good memorys there i probably served you at your wedding too

    • David says:

      Yes geff and edward i was there 1988 to 1991 i probably did ur wedding as you shy lad i was then i injoyed working there hard work very busy i remember dennis bar manger jenny head watress .
      Yes i met up with geff in there new plush houe in Isles wight has i worked there and seen them in shanklin to my surprise

  9. john webster says:

    a sad day, hope someone can reinvest in the place and get it how it used to be,

  10. Gill says:

    Very sad to hear this news. We have taken our parents there most months for Sunday lunch, which was always delicious and a tremendous bargain. What.choice is there now? Horrible identikit chain pubs and cheap buffets. My parents are very upset. Thanks to the staff and owners for their service over their years.

  11. Ian says:

    Sad news, my wife and I ate there last Valentine’s Day and enjoyed a very good meal, lovely staff and enjoyed the ‘old-fashionedness’ of it. I’ve also sung there on several occasions for various ‘do’s’ and the atmosphere was always very friendly and happy. I hope, like others have said, that someone might come along and bring the place back to life. All the best for the staff there, and thanks!

  12. peter says:

    Evening all……. Can’t say I’ve been that often, I do remember going when it was being run / owned by a couple of guys. Sad to see it closed and hope that someone can bring some life back to it, it is in a prime location, parking etc and fairly substantial in size, might be scope to extend the facilities and offer soemthing a little bit more modern.
    All the best for the future, and sorry for the staff.
    Mind how you go………..

  13. Ade Reid says:

    Ive eaten there when those two nice gentleman owned it,always lovely food.Think you will find that the site will now be bought by a property developer,bulldozed,and an “Exclusive Development” of 15 Superior dwellings !!!! will be built.Progress,we love it,bring it on,who needs to live in the past?Im only joking folks,The times they are a changing,was that Einstein or Bob Dylan?,,,,,,

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  15. Clare says:

    I worked for the original owners Geoff and Edward fantastic bosses to work for I had many great years here. I met my husband here and some great friends. Geoff and Edward made The Terrace a success I’m truly gutted that this has happened I hope that someone will buy it and run it the way it orginally was and make a success of it like it deserves.

    • I a gree Geoff and Edward where fantastic bosses I worked for them for few years thay trained me all about cataring in the 1988/1991 it was all was bussy I rember his mother and dad getting the fresh veg from the field people had to wait week to book a table my head watirees was Jenny shame it’s gone does any one know what’s its gona bee now

  16. Jane Taylor says:

    and what happens to all the cusromers who, like myself, have unused gift vouchers??

    • Sadly, you’re out of pocket, since legally, they have no monetary value. It’s why I never give vouchers – or if I do they’re book or gardening tokens from a national scheme.
      If the place is in receivership or whatever, you may have a claim but I don’t think so – if you do, you’d be way down the list.

  17. Carl miller says:

    Sad to see . I worked there a few times! Both at Hoofbeats and the Terrace in its early days it was transformed into an amazing venue… Sad to here it’s gone downhill

  18. Carl miller says:


  19. John says:

    Attended one or two works functions and my sons ATC dinner.When the two chaps owned it .It was a nice place,my wife ate there a couple of times after the ownership changed and the atmosphere was never the same. My wife commented on the lack of seating space as more people were shoe horned in and made it too crowded to eat in comfort.

  20. Mickey says:

    Yesterday I saw that they put the for sale sign up

  21. Christine says:

    My sister in law worked there and all the food was frozen, nothing was fresh. I think that’s bad. I ate there it was ok but over priced and even more overpriced when you know it’s all out of the freezer. They weren’t very good to their staff either, high turnover which says it all.

  22. wen i was working there with geff and ewdard in 1988 to 90 all the veg was fresh and seasonal from there garden all was fish was delivered every day fresh and that inspierd me in to catering
    ive seen them few time in isle of Wight . it now brobbly be a indain restuant

  23. Sue says:

    Well Bob – this is a v interesting site – I lived at the petrol station, my dad developed hoofbeats, sold it to Geoff and Edward and now I’m viewing it in November – I hear it’s in a mess but we will see – I want it back as hoofbeats – now there’s some history for you lol

    • Hi Sue, My father was a very good friend of Brian Wibbly who also had interest with the restaurant /petrol station and the harness racing track across the road. Sad how things change. Regards Sue Thrasyvoulou nee Hough.

      • sue mcmillan says:

        Hi Susan – That was my dad … I tried to buy the place this year and I would have moved back to the Uk to run it but the property managers are too greedy and it is totally trashed inside. The break in made a dreadful mess and all the copper has gone from everywhere. It is too big a project to take on with the costs involved. It will be knocked and a drive through of some sort will buy it. All very sad. Sue nee Wibberley

        • Thank you Sue for responding , and apologies for misspelling your maiden name! Such a shame that the old place had been left empty and subjected to vandalism. I’m sure we have fabulous memories at least of those days . Kind regards Sue Thrasyvoulou.

        • mitch chance says:


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