Walsall Wood Remembrance Sunday 2016 pictures


A very sombre note in a great parade. Thank you all. Image kindly supplied by David Evans.

Just a quick one – The young David Evans today (Sunday, 13th November 2016) went to his local Remembrance event in Walsall Wood, which regulars will remember was subject to some controversy with policing issues in 2015 – well, this year there was an independent traffic management company employed and the parade proceeded in full.

Walsall Wood came out in force and the participants did their village and their fallen proud, as ever. Thanks to Lee Braginton of Walsall Wood Scouts and all the other kids groups, including the Boys and Girls Brigade band.

Also doing sterling service was David, whose photo gallery I include below.

Thanks to David and all those who took part in, or went to observe Remembrance. This is what community is about.

All images kindly supplied by David Evans

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7 Responses to Walsall Wood Remembrance Sunday 2016 pictures

  1. Lee says:

    Thank you to David for the photos and to everyone involved in today. Walsall Wood was proud today and will be back parading again next year 🙂

  2. Molly Lloyd says:

    Thanks David. It was good to see you today. Thank you for taking the photos and publishing them so that the folks of Walsall Wood can take pride in the fact that so many turned out on this special occasion.

  3. Warren Parry says:

    I was stood outside at 11am observing the minutes silence and listening to the service. i only counted 60 people present? all of the people in the pictures must have left before 11am then.

    • Interesting, as this is the only service to take place locally in the afternoon.

      From the event list:

      Walsall Wood, Lee Bragginton says:It’s the usual afair in Walsall Wood. 2pm parade from OLD Oak Park to St John’s Church along the Lichfield Road for act of remembrance round cenotaph, followed by a service in the church. The Walsall Wood Parade WILL be parading back to Oak Park following the church service for dismissal as approx. 3.30pm from the OLD Oak park (thanks to generosity of the traffic management company being used).


      • wozelbeak says:

        Ah that explains it then. Interesting concept having it in the afternoon.

        • We never did get to the bottom of why exactly it’s so, and have asked on several occasions, but it’s a very long tradition.

          I have no evidence at all for this but I think it was probably so families who had a foot in the Wood and in Brownhills got to do both; either that, or there was something shared between Brownhills and Walsall Wood – or indeed, Walsall Wood and… sombre else that couldn’t be doubled up. Maybe a band or something like that?

          Contributions welcome!

          best wises

  4. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    A huge thanks to you for all this weekends work that you have put in to your wonderful blog.This parade took place in the afternoon..starting around 2 pm and after an outside ceremony, and observing a two minutes silence..hence the photo of the trumpet…most of the people in the photos then went inside the church for the 2.30 Remembrance service, which is when I went back home to edit up these photos. The large number of groups parading, and especially the large number of local people who paid tribute included customers from the nearby Red Lion pub who stood with everyone else to pay respect.at the cenotaph.
    Again, many sincere thanks for all the hard work you continue to put in to your exceptional blog, Bob
    Kind regards

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