Does anyone know Eldon Hughes, please?


It’s possible Eldon is living on the Hussey Estate, or was at some point. Imagery from Google Streetview.

Hi folks – a quick enquiry if I may, and it’s one of those that crops up from time to time that I can’t say much about.

I’m looking for a gentleman called Eldon Hughes who’s 40 years old give or take a bit, and is believed to be living in the Brownhills area, possibly on the Hussey Road or thereabouts.

If you have contact details you could share, that would be lovely, please.

There is not a problem, this isn’t bad news and I won’t pass contact details on to anyone else without Eldon’s express permission – but I could do with contacting the chap in question.

Please mail me if you can help: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com

I repeat, this is nothing bad, there’s nothing to worry about at all.

Thanks for your help,

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4 Responses to Does anyone know Eldon Hughes, please?

  1. anthill73 says:

    Hi bob. I think I know this guy.

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