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Like most of the households in the borough,  we’ve received a leaflet from Walsall Council recently in place of the normal bin collection calendar/schedule we normally receive at this time of year – the leaflet says a new calendar won’t be issued until ‘Late summer, 2016’ – I wonder why that might be?

Scan 4

Unusually, Walsall Council notes in this leaflet that it won’t be issuing a new bin calendar until ‘late summer 2016’ – I wonder why? Click for a larger version.

Many of you will know that Walsall Council’s Tory coalition administration is having to make huge cuts this year, and one such cut is the plan to move to a bi-weekly collection schedule for grey general refuse bins. That means your grey bin for general waste that’s currently emptied every week, will only be emptied ever other week from some point this year.

Many readers will also know that in early May, local elections are taking place in Walsall. The Tory coalition is very shaky, and Tory group leader Mike ‘Blofeld’ Bird is concerned about the size of his… majority. One could well imagine that pointing out his plan to hit the bin collections for an easy spending cut may not be popular with the electorate, and may harm the chances of his Tory candidates in the upcoming poll.

I noticed Ben ‘Ten’ Brittain – local Tory candidate for Brownhills in the forthcoming election – out flag waving in Brownhills on Saturday. Perhaps if you can catch him between mugging for photo ops with MP Wendy ‘Post’ Morton and polishing his social media profile you might want to ask him about the bin situation, or for that matter, Keith Sears in Walsall Wood, or the Tory or UKIP bod where you are.

One wonders what other cuts are not being mentioned behind the gladhanding and charm offensive.

Only the really cynical might suggest this leaflet was produced to avoid such awkwardness until after the election.

Scan 3

It doesn’t say which bin useless politicians should go in… click for a larger version.

The full information for local bin collection schedules that’s valid up until ‘late summer 2016’ in Walsall is featured below:


Here’s the latest bin calendar covering 2015-2016.Click for a larger version.

If you’re confused, click here to use the postcode checker on the council website.

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8 Responses to Binned off

  1. Paul Haitch says:

    Tory candidates on the streets of Brownhills? I like your sense of humour.

  2. Tina Benon says:

    I’m more than a little confused Bob, as the “Late Summer” Information above has dates that are incorrect – i.e. Area 10 shows a Friday the 24th April – Yesterday (Sunday) was actually the 24th April………

    • You’re reading it wrong. That calendar runs from April 2015 to April 2016. For that period the dates are correct.

      (IE. April 24 2015 was Friday, April 29th 2016 is a Friday) – they haven’t issued a ‘late summer’ schedule yet and that’s the point, they’re delaying doing so until late summer 2016, presumably not to cause a fuss before elections.


  3. andrew says:

    Living in Somerset we have had fortnightly bin collections since we moved from Willenhall. The world has not ended and the system works well.

  4. david oakley says:

    Hi Bob,
    You’ll probably find you are getting your last summer for a free brown bin collection. Similar thing happened in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and we now pay £18 annually for a licence which hangs from the bin handle. No licence. No bin empty. Could be wrong, of course. But these charges spread like a virus between local authorities. Good luck !

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