2014 New year quiz!


As the sun sets on another year, why not take time out to see if you can win some fine Brownhills ale?

This post is pinned to the top until the quiz ends – new articles will appear below.

It’s been a long time in the making, but great fun – here it is, the Brownhills Blog New Year 2014 quiz. Get stuck in and see if you can win! Last year’s was a great success, so I’ve made this one bigger and hopefully better…

Answers to most of the questions can be found in the past articles of this blog, my 365daysofbiking tumblr, or by going for a walk and exploring. I have included lots of reference questions, so that those living locally and those distant both have a fair crack.

Many questions can be answered using Google Streetview, too. Think laterally. Wikipedia may be handy, as will the search box on the right.

If an answer seems obvious, it probably is…

Just to make it interesting, I’ll offer the prize of a case of Backyard Beer (or something nice to equal value if you’re a non-drinker) to the winner. There will also be sub prizes of books to people who come up with particularly good answers, or who otherwise impress. The books will go on a totally arbitrary basis for contributions that catch my eye.

Readers have set a few questions, obviously I won’t accept answers from the question setters to their own questions… but longstanding readers and commenters are very welcome to participate.

To give everyone a sporting chance, comments will not open until 7pm tonight, 29th December 2013.

Points will be awarded to the first person to comment the correct answer to any question. All questions worth one point unless stated. After that, no points will be handed out for answering it again. I will tot up the scores as we go. Answers will only be accepted as comments to this post, and my decision will be open and final.

Remember to include the number of the question in your comment, otherwise it won’t be counted!

Don’t worry if your comment is held in moderation, I will take the submission time if necessary.

I don’t expect anyone to get lots right. I think the questions are diverse enough that a fairly low score might well win – so do have a go. If the result is a draw, I’ll hold a tie breaker. What form that will take will depend on the result. Please just take a punt, and have fun.

The competition will close at 9pm, Sunday 5th January 2013, but I’ll leave it for fun, reference and interest. My decisions will be final, and I’m doing this for fun. Please be sporting.

All images are from Brownhills and Walsall Wood.

Good luck!


Q1: Reader Andy Dennis asks: ‘Where was the photographer standing to take the above photo’?

Q2: Who got into trouble with the coppers for lighting his pipe?

Q3: What are ‘Batters’ and where did the term originate?


Q4: Reader Andy Dennis asks: ‘Where can you find the above detail’?

Q5: Where is the patch of wasteland I pass on my travels, whose flowers fascinate me?

Q6: What ailment somewhat unfortunately prevented W.E. Harrison from seeing active service in the Great war?


Q7: Where is this ornate woodwork?

Q8: How much electrical power did it take to supply Aldridge and Walsall in 1949?


Q9: What is the above object marked with the fluorescent tape?
Q10: Where can it be found?

Q11: Which Walsall gentlewoman ‘…faced death a hundred times’ according to a gazetteer writer?


Q12: Just visible from the pile of leaves, an OS flush bracket benchmark. Where is it?

Q13: Where did Captain Peake live?


Q14: Another OS flush bracket benchmark. Where is this one?

Q15: In March, who did I spot in Pelsall, apparently about to drive off in a blue van?


Q16: This gutterbowl isn’t original, but where can it be found?

Q17: What didn’t Banksman Collier John Hill like?


Q18: Where can the above metalwork be seen? For a bonus point, what’s special about the structure it’s attached to?

Q19 Where and what was the Dolric?


Q20: This large slab is lying in the grass at the canal side at the top of the bank to the new pond at Clayhanger. What is it the remains of? (Clue: this isn’t a foundation; it has been left lying here)

Q21: Shire Oak historian Clive Roberts asks ‘What year did Shire Oak Brewery win the Gold Award’?


Q22: This weathervane and bellcote is a new addition to the roofline. Where is it?

Q23: What cheesy film did the Burntwood Bluebirds Jazz band feature in?


Q24: Where is this bridge?
Q25: It has a colloquial name. What was it?

Q26: Where did Audrey’s Dad have his allotment?


Q27: A recently renovated local milepost. How many miles to Lichfield and Derby?
Q28: Which town is marked on the other side?

Q29: What was the cafe called that David Oakley recalled at The Bullstake?


Q30: Where is this odd feature?
Q31: It actually has a basic and important function – describe what that is.

Q32: What is the normal surface level of the Wyrley & Essington canal?


Q33: Where are these sinister-looking gates?
Q34: What specific hazard does the yellow sign warn of?

Q35: On July 28th 1925, who visited St. John’s School, Walsall Wood?


Q36: What is this brickwork the remains of?

Q37: What is my favourite term for polished gravel and detritus that forms a common road hazard after bad weather?


Q38: I will give a book prize (plus a point) to anyone who can tell me which Brownhills public building this OS Benchmark is carved upon, and whereabouts it is on that building. Most precise answer wins.


Q39: An oddly truncated window. Where?

Q40: Reader Warren Parry asks: ‘What is the rather industrial name given to the Green ‘saddle tank’ steam engine, based at Chasewater railway’?


Q41: Groovy mosaic. Where can this be seen?

Q42: Who made the ‘NIPTA’ box?


Q43: From David Evans. Where the devil is this? (My, that’s a good one!)


Q44: Where is this chimney stack?
Q45: In the context of it’s surroundings, it’s unusual. Why?

Q46: Reader Tony Winn asks: What was the name of the Formula 1 racing driver who lived locally until his death in 1989 at the age of 82?


Q47: Not far away from Q44, this plastic raptor on a TV aerial – where is it?

Q48: Local historian and Shire Oak expert Clive Roberts asks: ‘What is the name of the building that houses the D.E.I Convenience Store on Freizland Lane, Shire Oak’?


Q49: Where’s this?
Q50: What caused it?

Q51: David Evans asks: What were ‘Boyproofs’?


Q52: Where is this sinister-looking, head-spinning owl?

Q53: What was the number of the motorbike being run up at Mallory Park  in 2007?

06quizQ54: Where are these hands?

Q55: Who was the champion pig roaster making tummies rumble at Brownhills Carnival in 1934?

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218 Responses to 2014 New year quiz!

  1. oakparkrunner says:

    question 1 Ogley canal basin bridge.
    question 3 Railway embankments called batters from being made with rubbish coal waste known as Bat.
    Question 40 Asbestos
    question 36 remains of Coombe House coppice side
    question 31 to allow planks to be fitted to close a section of canal
    question 30 under canal bridges 1 at the Slough Brownhills.
    question 24 Walsall wood midland railway bridge
    question 25 Rabbit bridge.
    From oakparkrunner

  2. Tony Jakeman says:

    23 Take Me High

  3. oakparkrunner says:

    question 33 canal towpath Walsall Wood overlooking Leigh environmental
    question 34 Explosive Atmosphere

    • q33: No, wrong, sorry.
      q34: Yes. Bonus point for why the atmosphere is explosive, I.E. what’s causing the hazard. We’ll call that question 56.

      You now have 8 points

  4. Tony Jakeman says:

    42 Allbrookes Mineral Water

  5. oakparkrunner says:

    question 23 Take Me High starring Cliff Richard. oakparkrunner

  6. oakparkrunner says:

    question 11 Dorothy Patterson AKA Sister Dora
    question 19 Dolric was a club in Wilkin Road

  7. Tony Jakeman says:

    13 The Grange Rawnsley

  8. oakparkrunner says:

    question 42 Richard Cliff of Bromford Rd West Bromwich

  9. Andy Dennis says:

    Q6 Tonsillitiis – so sad that he wasn’t able to lead the men he had recruited (coerced) into battle!

    Q17 Beer at Railway Tavern – I took umbrage until I realised that my ancestor Tom Dennis was not running the place then.

    Q32 144.6 metres?

    Q34 Explosive Atmosphere.

    Q39 Top of Brownhills High Street, upstairs from radis community care.

    Q43 Walsall Wood FC Stand

    Q46 Morris “Mo” Nunn

    oakparkrunner is right about Q1.

    • Hmm. Quandry.

      Q6 – correct, leading to ‘strained the muscles of his heart’ whatever that was…
      Q17 – correct.
      Q32 – Um, difficult. You’re a little bit out, so I can’t give it to you, sorry
      Q34 – Correct, but Oakparkrunner beat you to that one
      Q39 – Correct – impressed. Never noticed it until the other day
      Q43 – no, but not far away.
      Q46 – can you elaborate on this, please? I have another name, but there may have been more than one we’re aware of.

      You have 3 points, possibly 4 based on Q46

      • Andy Dennis says:

        I’ll have to admit defeat on Q46. Mo Nunn ran the Ensign team in the 70s and 80s and I thought that began somewhere in Walsall Wood.

        • I’ll do some research on that, and get back to you. No sweat. Tony gave a different answer, but it’s possible there was more than one, after all. Give me a few hours.

  10. oakparkrunner says:

    question 41 Ravens Court

  11. Tony Jakeman says:

    2 Ernest Frank Bagnall

  12. Andy Dennis says:

    I’m going to be picky about Q11: sp Pattison.

  13. Tony Jakeman says:

    29 Spot Café

  14. Tony Jakeman says:

    37 Marbles….like cycling on ball bearings

  15. Tony Jakeman says:

    53 Norton number 30

  16. oakparkrunner says:

    question 32 533 feet

  17. Caz says:

    Q1 canal bridge near grassmere gardens
    Q22 on top of the row of 3 new houses in Hall Lane Walsall wood

  18. Pedro says:

    Question 52

    Don’t know where he is around your neck of the woods, but I think I saw him in Lyme Regis, at the back end of the summer!


    Happy New Year to all, Pedro

  19. Caz says:

    Q33 these could be the entrance gates at the top of the track leading to the sewerage farm off Green Lane, Walsall wood.

  20. Great answers, folks. Some right, some not so… Keep going. I’ll tally up the scores sometime tomorrow morning.

    Cheers for taking part!


  21. Pedro says:

    Question 35… On July 28th 1925, who visited St. John’s School, Walsall Wood?

    The ex inmate of Strangeways was not yet born. EI now that’s the real deal!

  22. Caz says:

    Q51 pocket watches?

  23. Pedro says:

    Q51: David Evans asks: What were ‘Boyproofs’?

    Durability, Reliability, and Excellence ??

  24. Caz says:

    Q35 David Dickenson, ex mayor of Blackpool visited the school.

  25. Tony Jakeman says:

    55 Harry Johnson of Cradley Heath

  26. Tony Jakeman says:

    15 That was a long haired dog (Bearded collie?) there was a Bagpuss on the dashboard

  27. Tony Jakeman says:

    24 Vigo Road/Queen Street

  28. Tony Jakeman says:

    25 Vigo Bridge

  29. Tony Jakeman says:

    18 Pelsall Old Railway Bridge carrying the Walsall to Lichfield South Staffs railway line over the Wyrley and Essington canal. It is a listed building

    • That’s brilliant. Didn’t think anyone would get the other part.

      There are only two listed structureds in Brownhills. For another point, can anyone tell me the other listing in Brownhills? We’ll call that q57.

      11 points

  30. Tony Jakeman says:

    8 191 megawatts

  31. Tony Jakeman says:

    5 Green Lane near the junction with Hall Lane just down from the Blackcock Bridge

  32. Andy Dennis says:

    Q53 No. 5.

  33. Tony Jakeman says:

    4 Coopers Bridge Northfield Way/Swingbridge Farm

  34. Tony Jakeman says:

    57 Canal aquaduct on the A5 near Newtown

  35. Tony Jakeman says:

    14 United Reformed Church Coppice Lane

  36. Andy Dennis says:

    Q32. 473 ft. From Ray Shill pp 44 & 58. Equivalent 144.17 metres.

  37. Hi folks!
    Phew… forgotten what hard work quizzes were.
    Some brilliant answers. As usual, the ones I thought were impossible go straight away, and the ones I thought were easy seem to be hard.

    Current scores:

    Caz – 2 points
    Andy Dennis – 4 points (5 with one pending)
    Oakparkrunner – 11 points
    Tony Jakeman – 14 points

    I’m using a google spreadsheet to keep score – take a look at the following link. I’m not infallible, so feel free to correct me.

    Outstanding questions – surprised the woodwork and creepy owl haven’t gone yet…

    Q5 Wasteland
    Q7 Woodwork
    Q8 Power
    Q9 Object
    Q10 Where is object
    Q12 Leaves bracket
    Q16 Gutterbowl
    Q20 Slab
    Q21 Gold award
    Q26 Allotment
    Q27 Milepost
    Q28 Town on milepost
    Q33 Gates
    Q38 Benchmark
    Q41 Mosaic
    Q43 1948 where?
    Q44 Chimney
    Q45 Why unusual?
    Q47 Plastic bird
    Q48 Shop building name
    Q49 Groove?
    Q50 What is groove?
    Q51 Boyproofs
    Q52 Poltergeist owl
    Q54 Hands
    Q56 What is q34 hazard?

    Cheers for being good sports all

  38. Tony Jakeman says:

    38 Watling Street Primary School East Face NE corner

  39. Tony Jakeman says:

    8 Almost 34,000 kilowatts. I read the wrong article the first time

  40. Pedro says:

    Could I Cash in on Question 51 by David?

    Boyproof shoes would be useful for kicking stones around the playground

  41. Andy Dennis says:

    Q5. A bit off patch … South Wigston Station?

  42. Tony Jakeman says:

    27 Lichfield 5 and half miles, Derby 29 miles

  43. Tony Jakeman says:

    28 Walsall 4 miles

  44. Tony Jakeman says:

    48 Known locally as the Red Shop. The building name is Mount Pleasant …….something, Villa? House? Cottage? People in the shop didn’t realise it had a name.

  45. Caz says:

    Q5 Andy beat me to this one as well lol June 27th South Wigston, Leicester. You even think the dandelions going to seed are pretty……..rose coloured spectacles comes to mind

  46. Caz says:

    Q7. can’t believe i missed this one..it’s on the corner of King street Progressive club, over what would have been the original entrance.

  47. Caz says:

    Q12 The railway ran through there so is it part of a raiway building ?
    Q26 Audrey Proffits Dad had his allotment behind the off licence on Streets Corner.

  48. oakparkrunner says:

    question 43 on the top of Walsall Wood Club house

  49. Tony Jakeman says:

    34 I’ll go out on a limb and have a guess at methane being emitted from a landfill site as the danger. Can’t find the gates though

  50. Clive says:

    Hello Bob, Q9 Methane vent, Q10 old rubbish tip at Coppice industrial estate
    Q16 its the house which stands on the old jolly collier ground Pelsall Lane next to the canal bridge. Q20 Capping stone of the old railway bridge! seen these on my walkabouts.

    • Hello Clive. Your Mount Pleasant question didn’t last as long as I thought 🙂

      Q9 Correct. It’s a vent and monitoring well – to let gas escape and enable groundwater testing
      Q10 Correct – it’s the former landfill at the Potters Clay and Coal works, Coppice side.
      Q16 Again, correct. It’s visible on the rear of the house next to the Jolly Collier Bridge, just off the Pelsall Road, Brownhills. I’m not even sure the date is correct for the house. Anyone?
      Q20 That’s right, too; I noted the of the one still known to exist forms a stepping stone in the new pond, only visible in very dry spells.

      You’ve got 4 points! Nice one…

  51. Pedro says:

    Question 21

    Could be at Fauld

  52. Andy Dennis says:

    Q21. 1910.

    • Bingo. According to an advert reproduced in Clive Roberts’ book ‘Snippets of History In and around Shire Oak’, Boulter’s Shire Oak Ales were awarded Gold in Brussels, 1910.

      Thought that was a toughie. I had to really hunt for it.

      6 points (7 pending)

  53. Tony Jakeman says:

    56 I’ll go out on a limb and have a guess at methane being emitted from a landfill site as the danger. Can’t find the gates though

  54. Tony Jakeman says:

    12 Watling Street Primary School East Face NE corner

  55. Tony Jakeman says:

    38 Brownhills activity centre. Chester Road North between the Tinman island and the pedestrian crossing. First set of windows with the tower thingy on top, under the middle big window

  56. Tony Jakeman says:

    38 Theres an airvent on the left side of the bay. The mark is 16 bricks to the right of the vent on the second and third rows up. Theres a broken brick 1 brick to the right and up from the mark. Approximately.

  57. Righto folks, time to tot up. By some margin, Tony Jakeman is in the lead…

    (I dropped a goo lie with marks, which is now corrected. Apologies – it’s hard to keep track)

    Caz – 4 points
    Clive – 4 points
    Andy Dennis – 7
    Oakparkrunner – 12
    Tony Jakeman – 21 points

    These questions are still outstanding:

    Q33 Gates
    Q41 Mosaic
    Q44 Chimney
    Q45 Why unusual?
    Q46 Racing driver
    Q47 Plastic bird
    Q49 Groove?
    Q50 What is groove?
    Q51 Boyproofs
    Q52 Poltergeist owl
    Q54 Hands

    Spreadsheet of results and answers can be seen at


    Any queries, differences, points of order, etc. welcome.

    Cheers for being such good sports

  58. For anyone wondering what the hell Tony is talking about, the benchmark on the Activity Centre – the answer to question 38 – is here


    Here it is highlighted in a screenshot


  59. Right, the racing driver question. This is really, really interesting; there was indeed a Formula 1 team based in WalsallWood – Ensign, as Andy Dennis says, and it was run by Mo Nunn.

    From this:


    Post by Neil Andrew » Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:21 pm

    ‘We carried on from Donnington to Ensign’s base at Walsall Wood. I remember the roads were very icy, but we arrived safely to find the new car almost ready for testing. Clay, Mo Nunn, my brother and the rest of Ensign’s small band were making minor adjustments for Clay’s comfort in the car. There were going to test at Donnington in the morning. I will always remember Clay’s wolfish grin when I mentioned how icy it was outside. Sorry, but I do not remember the year.’

    There’s quite an extensive writeup here


    Quite clearly, there’s articles to be written here. I’m going to give Andy the point, but there is another answer that’s quite different supplied by Tony Winn, which is also interesting, so I’ll leave the question still hanging.

    Cheers, everyone. You can never, ever tell…


    • Andy Dennis says:

      Well this took some getting! I took a punt with Ancestry looking for people who died in 1989, registered Lichfield, and born 1907. Lo and behold; luckily beginning with A was one Frederick Ashmore.

      So answer to Q46 is Fred Ashmore, fl. 6 Sep 1907 – 22 Nov 1989.
      3 races: 1949, Formula 1 BRDC International Trophy, 8th; Belgian Grand Prix 6th; San Remo no position.

      http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/16248/lot/560/ – search Ashmore – crashed the car pictured.

    • BrownhillsDavidNotBob says:

      I thought Ensign was set up in Walsall and I know they moved to an workshop in Chasetown (near Collis DIY). I thought I was a F1 “expert” – looks like I need to do a bit of research on the Walsall Wood connection !

  60. Tony Jakeman says:

    46 After an exhaustive search the only F1 driver we can find who almost fits the facts is Francisco Landi. Born 1907, died 1989, but in Brazil. Can’t find any local links to him.

  61. Andy Dennis says:

    Q46. Fred Ashmore.

  62. Tony Jakeman says:

    44 House on Chester road/Lichfield Road junction Opposite Shire Oak pub
    47 128 Chester Road bungalow just down from Shire Oak pub

  63. Tony Jakeman says:

    45 Chimneys look unusual because they don’t fit with the rest of the row, they’ve been changed

    • q45 Yes, I’ll give you that. They chimney pots of all the other houses tin the run up to Shire Oak from Paterson Place are all the same style, as the houses were all built at the same time to the same pattern. That end chimney you can see from the junction has four Queen pots which aren’t original and stand out, clearly added afterwards.
      Often sat looking at that from the lights northbound at Shire Oak…

    • 24 points. Real wipeout stuff here…

  64. Caz says:

    51 Boy proof is a book by Cecil Castellucci, so boy proofs could be several copies and i’m getting desperate now lol

  65. Caz says:

    51 or are they something to do with the boy scouts?

  66. Andy Dennis says:

    Q51. Pure speculation. Miner’s slang for safety lamps?

  67. Caz says:

    51 clarks shoes…tuff shoes….wellies…..steel toe caps…..brogues….bovver boots,definately not slippers lol

  68. Tony Jakeman says:

    52 The poltergeist owl, perched on top of the Furniture Store in Brownhills High Street. All down to my wife searching and searching till she found the original picture

    • Yes, well done. We first spotted it last summer; [Howmuch?] posted a pic on Panoramio of it. It actually disappeared for a few weeks, only to materialise again. I think it’s demonic.

      25 points.

  69. Clive says:

    Hi Bob, Q53. number of the bike at Malory Park is 5

  70. BrownhillsDavidNotBob says:

    Thanks for another entertaining end to the year !
    Still looking for 33 ? Around the corner from Potters Clay?
    41 and 54 are not far from each other on the High Street.
    49/50 will these be the questions to last the longest?

    • Heh – wondered where you’d got to. Sorry, Tony seems to have rather cleared up this year, but always good to see you old chap.
      Q33 Yes. Amazed that too so long. Covered in my Panoramio and 365days – I even gave the meaning of the notice I think
      Yes, 41 and 54 are close to each other…
      That 49 and 50 haven’t gone surprises me. It’s one of the defining things of our local history and landscape.

      (For those that don’t know, David runs the oldest still standing – possibly the oldest of all – local history site on Brownhills and without his inspiration this blog would be jack shit, frankly.)

      Happy new year David.
      All the best

      PS 1 point, but assailing Tony’s lead could be problematic now.

  71. Andy Dennis says:

    Q33. If the hazard is ground gas, then it must be associated with a landfill, I thought. Vigo/Utopia? Highfields South? Joburns Tip? Veolia? Then I realised where I had seen it. Someone hit on Coppice Side, but didn’t follow it up. The gates are into the old Coppice landfill site opposite Saddlers Court Manufacturing on Coppice Side. I’ve been such a dim-wit; it’s even posted on Panoramio by a cycling cynic near you (or at least me) and can be viewed via Google Earth!

    Oh well, Happy New Year!

  72. I think we can safely say Tony Jakeman has the beer… but spot prizes announced when the quiz finishes.

    BrownhillsDavidNotBob – 1 point
    Caz – 4 points
    Clive – 4 points
    Andy Dennis – 8
    Oakparkrunner – 12
    Tony Jakeman – 25 points

    These questions are still outstanding:

    Q41 Mosaic
    Q49 Groove?
    Q50 What is groove?
    Q51 Boyproofs
    Q54 Hands

    Spreadsheet of results and answers can be seen at


    Any queries, differences, points of order, etc. welcome.

    Cheers for being such good sports

  73. Tony Jakeman says:

    51. On the back of everyone elses work. Would boyproofs be underwear worn by young ladies to keep boys at bay? Happy New Year to Bob and all his readers

    • That answer is pants. And yes, you’re right.

      David Evans asserts that ‘Boyproofs’ was local slang, when he were a lad, for girl’s knickers.

      You have 26 points, sir, but that really was a team effort.

  74. Ann Cross says:

    Great quiz Bob! I have enjoyed following it, I of course only knew the answer to 42!!
    A Happy New Year to you and all the readers.

  75. Caz says:

    Happy New year to you all and well done to Tony. Enjoy your beer.
    Q41 I’m sure i’ve seen this mosaic in Brownhills and was thinking it was on the ground but now wondering if it’s part of the Mosaic on the wall on the side of Subway, originally the chemists.

    • Well played, Caz, well played. Think it’s the third along. The one with the pharmacy symbolism sure looks odd now it’s no longer Lloyds chemist!

      You now have 5 points.

  76. Pedro says:


    A guess that these hands would not be found in a Public Convenience, more likely in the Methodist Church?

    Happy New Year All, Pedro

  77. Tony Jakeman says:

    54 Brownhills Excelsior Spiritual Church in the High Street. Two pairs, one each side of the door

  78. Tony Jakeman says:

    41 On the side wall of Subway on the pathway between the High Street and Short Street

    • Tony Jakeman says:

      49 The corrugated roof of Pat Collin’s tin tabernacle at the junction of Lindon Road and Clayhanger Road
      50 The crazing in the paint? The difference in the expansion and contraction rates of the metal and paint.
      Or the groove might have been worn by the passage of wheels somewhere? Looks like rusty metal under the paint. Chasewater Railway? Something to do with mining? Not used now because the paint isn’t worn

    • Yes, but you were pipped to it by Caz! Bad luck…

  79. David Oakley. says:

    No 51. As a boy with two sisters in the ’30’s, I remember a female article of apparel called a ‘Liberty Bodice’, leaving the upper chest completely covered.
    Heartily disliked by most young females.

    • Hello David, Happy New Year to you! Hope the weather where you are has been better than here…

      I suspect you’re also right, but they just got there a shade earlier.

      best wishes

      • David Oakley. says:

        Thanks, Bob, and a Happy New Year to you and fellow bloggers. Weatherwise, I think we have had slightly less ‘liquid fallout’ than other parts of the country up to the present, but so far, so good…..I am keeping my huskies well fed and my sled in good condition, just in case……

  80. Spot prizes to be announced when quiz finishes. The scores on the doors so far are:

    BrownhillsDavidNotBob – 1 point

    Clive – 4 points
    Caz – 5 points
    Andy Dennis – 8
    Oakparkrunner – 12
    Tony Jakeman – 27 points

    These questions are still outstanding:

    Q49 Groove?
    Q50 What is groove?

    Spreadsheet of results and answers can be seen at


    Any queries, differences, points of order, etc. welcome.

    Cheers for being such good sports

    • BrownhillsDavidNotBob says:

      Having taken into account the various guesses and hints – I can confidently say that the answer lies with canal bridges (but going over them, not under them).
      NOTE – Confidence = cleverness if correct or stupidity if wrong!

  81. Tony Jakeman says:

    49/50 Superseded transport going over canal bridges? Horses towing barges. Grooves worn by the ropes towing barges

  82. stymaster says:

    I’m late to the party, but yes, 49 & 50 is Ogley Junction crossoever bridge, groove worn by a boat towrope.

    • Yes. Being specific, it’s the western guard rail of the Ogley Junction crossover or roving bridge. Horses were left hitched to the boats, and walked over the bridge, which like Catshill Junction, has ground-commencing walls and rails to smooth the passage of the rope.

      Ogley Bridge has a bit of a design fault in that there’s a boss on the outside of the casting, central, and it caused the ropes to snag on it, wearing deep grooves in both directions.

      You can see pictures of the groove here:


      Generations of Brownhills kids have run their fingers down there, as I did while me dad explained what it was nearly 40 years ago.

      Stymaster, you have 2 points.

  83. Warren Parry says:

    Great quiz again Bob, i came on tonight all pumped as i had most of thanswers. Yet again the knowledgeable followers of your blog have beat me to it lol. i must admit i couldnt find the Owl for love nor money so off to read the spreadsheet.

    • Hi Warren

      Sorry old chap. There were several aimed specifically at you – I knew you’d have got the groove, for instance.

      Tony was certainly very keen, and I can’t fault him. Perhaps next year, I’ll release questions in batches to make it last longer…

      That owl gives me the willies.

      Cheers, and happy new year

  84. That’s it, mission accomplished. Well done!

    Cheers to everyone for taking part, and for being such gracious sports. It’s been fun. I have to salute Tony’s relentless research and dedication here – it really is impressive.

    I shall sort out spot prizes in a post over the weekend, but right now I’m knackered.

    Final score:

    BrownhillsDavidNotBob – 1 point
    Stymaster – 2 points
    Clive – 4 points
    Caz – 5 points
    Andy Dennis – 8
    Oakparkrunner – 12
    Tony Jakeman – 27 points

    Spreadsheet of results and answers can be seen at


    Any queries, differences, points of order, etc. welcome.

    Cheers for being such good sports

  85. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Well done Tony…and well done you,too…an excellent quiz ..and now an excellent local history resource…..happy new year
    Kind regards

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