Plea to find family of man who passed away in Walsall sheltered accommodation

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Mattesley Court, Walsall, home of John Hemingsley. Imagery from Google Maps.

We seem to have had a lot of appeals in the last twelve months to trace the family of local deceased people – but I make no apology for running another one; these appeals are essential, and I really feel for anyone who passes away alone.

Walsall Council’s Environmental Health Team issued the following request:

John Hemingsley passed away earlier this month in Walsall aged 78 after a short illness. He was a bachelor and had lived in sheltered accommodation at the Bescot Lodge home for several years and more recently at Mattesley Court, in Walsall.

During his life John had worked as an engineer and served in the Army. According to his carers he was also a talented musician and could play a variety of instruments.

Rebecca Evans, of Walsall Council’s Environmental Health team, said: ‘We would like to pass our condolences on to Mr Hemingsley’s family and friends.

‘We would be grateful to hear from any relatives of Mr Hemingsley, who may still be living in the West Midlands and wider area, or anyone who might have helpful information about his family.’

Anybody who believes they can help or may be related are asked to contact or call 01922 653052.

Thanks in advance. If anyone would prefer no to contact the council directly for whatever reason, email me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot come and I’ll pass any messages on.

If you’re wondering why we suddenly see a lot of these, Environmental Health at Walsall (as with any authority) have always had a legal duty to trace relatives in such cases, but formerly used classified adverts in local papers. In the last twelve months, they’ve wisely started using social media, too.

Although such appeals are a legal requirement, I’ll always support them and run them; this blog has a large readership now, and someone out there may just unlock a mystery. It must be horrible to lose a parent, sibling or child and not know, whatever the relationship between you. Nobody should ever pass unmourned.


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8 Responses to Plea to find family of man who passed away in Walsall sheltered accommodation

  1. Nicola says:

    It’s a shame these sheltered accommodations don’t take a photo of each resident upon arrival so they have a photo in situations like this .

  2. fb. lycett says:

    It is an outside shot, but there are a few Hemingsley’s in the Cheslyn Hay/Cannock area

  3. Charlotte says:

    Have u got a picture of John hemingsely please

    • Sadly they’ve not issued one but if you contact Becky on the number above she should be able to help. They don’t generally issue pictures in these situations, I think it’s so people aren’t distracted by aged memories.


  4. Suzanne Cunningham says:

    We would not take pictures of our tenants we are urgently trying to contact his family and friends

  5. Kathryn Rees says:

    Isn’t it on the application form to join the doctors.? That is usually a question they ask.

    • Depends if the person concerned ever filled one of those forms or filled that section in. I’m sure the authorities will have checked that.


      • Rebecca Evans says:

        Yes, we always exhaust all the usual avenues for finding that information before appealing in the media. I have now made contact with some relatives of Mr Hemingsley. Thank you for your help.

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