Warning to dog walkers as possible bait found in Clayhanger

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The open land around Clayhanger attracts many dog walkers – take care! Imagery from Bing! Maps.

Further to the horrid story of Meg, the dog believed to have been poisoned after eating doctored bait on Clayhanger Common that I featured here at the weekend, I have just received this very worrying message from reader Wendy, who was walking her dog in Clayhanger this morning (Tuesday 2nd February 2016) and found something of great concern.

Wendy wrote:

Hi Bob

Reading your recent post about the poor dog which was poisoned on the common, today whilst out walking my dog I discovered some cooked sausages left on the ground. The where tucked away in the hedge by the entrance to the nature reserve by the Methodist Church on Clayhanger Lane.

It could be completely innocent but they where on a paper plate tucked in the hedge, I only noticed them by chance and immediately thought of your earlier posting. I couldn’t remove them immediately as having my own dog with me but I took her home then went and removed them just in case.

I contacted the vets where the poisoned dog was taken they advised me to call the police who advised me to call the rspca, none of which seemed interested but have logged my concern.

Could you please ask people to be very vigilant and report anything. If there is someone out there laying poison lets get them caught no animal wether dog, cat, fox or whatever should be made to suffer like the ladies poor dog.

Thank you

I really can’t get into my head the kind of person who might be poisoning anything in this manner, let alone peoples pets, and I’m deeply shocked that neither the local police or the RSPCA seem interested.

Please, take care with your dog when out and about locally, and let’s hope any culprits can be caught – but they won’t be if the authorities can’t be bothered to investigate.

Take care folks. If you have any further info, please get in touch – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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14 Responses to Warning to dog walkers as possible bait found in Clayhanger

  1. Tony Thacker says:

    I`m a animal and wildlife lover and this is going to the extreme. I can`t understand why anyone would do this. But it does annoy me when I have to keep an eye on where I`m walking incase I tread in dog “Dirt”. Then there are the thoughtful dog walkers who put it in a plastic bag and decorate the trees with the bags. Why can`t they take it home or keep it until they find a bin to dispose of it.

    • Lisa says:

      So the perp is doing it because they hate dog crap and is making a statement by laying poison for dogs… That’s like saying ‘people with daft opinions annoy me so I’m going to walk to Walsall and beat everyone with a cricket bat in case I happen to hit a few idiots along my journey’

    • Laura says:

      My dog was the dog that was killed. We never did any of the above. She did not deserve to die at 5!!! Your comments have no link to the reason for this post. It almost sounds like your justify this Sick act.

      • Julia says:

        I totally agree. Disgusted with comment. I was the owner of beautiful meg. And heartbroken that someone could do this. Thanks to the lady who post this morning. It could stop some other family going through what we had to. I have contacted rspca and left a message. See if they phone me back.

        • Kerry rose says:

          I live in clayhanger and walk my dog over the spot most days although since this has happened my dog has not been out i donate to the rspca every month i would like to see there response to this there quick enuff to ask for our help

      • Tony Thacker says:

        Laura I`m very sorry for upsetting you and feel for your loss , I know how pets can become part of the family and cause great sorrow when they are taken from us. Yes I agree with you that maybe my post should have not been in reply to this post..SORRY.

    • Janet says:

      Because more often than not you cant find one! i will go out of my way to find one, but for the one that will do that there are probably another half a dozen who wont!

  2. Ade Reid says:

    RSPCA.Waste of space.Unless they think theyre going to get some free advertising on national or local TV.Dont bother with them.

  3. Tony Thacker says:

    Don`t be silly I`m sorry if you got the wrong idea I do not condone this act in any way and I`m sorry if it upset people.
    The person that does this sick thing is evil. I was just expressing my views on irresponsible people who do not clean up their dog mess and are breaking the law.

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Wendy
    thanks for your consideration in removing the suspect sausages and for all the follow-up actions you have taken in this matter ..and my heartfelt sympathies go to Laura.
    best wishes,


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