Local dog walkers beware!


Clayhanger Common and other local heaths and open spaces are very popular with dog walkers. Take care, people, there are some morons about.

I’ve been contacted by a number of people who’ve pointed out the following, very worrying story from Clayhanger – a local lady walking her dog on Clayhanger Common believes her beloved pet ate poisoned meat whilst being walked there and is warning other dog lovers to beware.

There are periodic reports of this kind of thing; last year there were a series of reported incidents in Pelsall that caused great concern. If you walk your dog on commons and heaths locally, keep an eye on them and be aware of anything they show particular interest in.

I can’t imagine what’s going through the head of anyone who would do such a thing. Just awful. My sympathies go out Laura and her family over their loss.

The Express & Star reported:

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From the Express & Star, 23rd January 2016 – click on the screenshot to read the report at the paper’s website.

Warning to pet owners as woman convinced family dog ate poison while out on walk

A dog owner who says her family pet died after eating poison at a popular walking spot is warning others of the danger.

Laura Davis is convinced the family dog, German pointer Meg, ate the poison while being walked by her father, Alan, at Clayhanger Common, Brownhills, on January 10.

She is now determined to warn as many others as possible after five-year-old Meg was put down on Tuesday afternoon.

The family believe the poison was concealed in meat and may have been placed at the site by someone seeking to target foxes.

Laura, aged 27, said: ‘We are completely devastated.

“We had all hoped she would pull through but in her last two days it just became clear that she wouldn’t be able to.

‘This is a cruel human act and something needs to be done by us pet lovers to ensure that these sick people stop what they are doing right now.

‘Our hearts are broken right now we don’t want it to happen to someone else.’

Alan spotted Meg eat something from the grass at the common, but thought little of it until 24 hours after the walk when the dog became sick.

Within 48 hours Meg’s condition had deteriorated and she was rushed to Warren House Veterinary Centre in Brownhills where tests revealed she had been poisoned.

She was put on a drip and sent home two days later – but within hours she had collapsed and was returned to the vets.

Laura is furious her family have been put in distress.

She added: ‘We are determined to get to the bottom of this.’

Laura and Alan have been visiting the common without Meg to warn other pet owners about the risk of poison on the site.

Laura has also set up a Facebook group which already has nearly 500 members.

Meg was put down at Warren House Veterinary Centre in Brownhills on Tuesday afternoon.

Laura Hamilton, veterinary surgeon, said: ‘She presented collapsed, freezing cold and she was sick repeatedly after eating something two days earlier.

‘Nothing else had changed in her routine at all.

‘She suffered very acute kidney damage.

“It was surprising to see a young dog effected so quickly, it had to be something very poisonous and toxic.

“Apparently other people in this area have had similar experiences, although this is the only dog to come into us.’

After confirming Meg, aged 5, had been put down Ms Hamilton added: ‘We have just put Meg to sleep.

‘The owners didn’t want to put her through anymore.

‘It is a real shame.

‘They are absolutely devastated.’

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6 Responses to Local dog walkers beware!

  1. philcburton says:

    I really despair at the lengths these sick people will go to cause the maximum amount of pain and distress. What sort of country have we become where life of any kind means so little, both for animals and humans alike. Its time the laws & punishment fitted the crime.

  2. Fran Trawford says:

    I am horrified to think there are such sick people about! Perhaps this is the work of the same sick individual who is busy with a spray can of red paint?

    • Hi Fran

      The red paint – if you mean the phantom turd sprayer, that’s actually an semi-official initiative. It’s happening in lots of places.

      The idea is some individual sprays dog mess red with a temporary paint to shame the people who don’t clear it up. Oddly enough, it does seem to work as a tactic. I don’t know who’s job is colouring Clayhanger’s clods (and I think it’s a volunteer thing), but I doubt they’d be responsible for Meg’s condition.

      I think Meg was, as the article speculates, probably a victim of someone poisoning either foxes or raptors.

      In either case they deserve a taste of their own medicine.


      • Fran Trawford says:

        As regards the phantom red turd sprayer …. there will always be lazy pet owners who do not clear up after their dog. I have visited places where there are fines up to £1,000 if you do not clear up after your dog. In another place they provide free bags and plenty of bins.

  3. jim says:

    while i completely agree these poisonings are disgusting behavior i do think that it is worth stating that it is the absolute responsibility of any dog owner to keep their dog under control at all times for the safety of the animal itself for other members of the public and for wildlife and other dogs out exercising. In an ideal world you could let your dog run free without worry but this isn’t an ideal world there are dangers out there you can use a long lead to give your dog a measure of freedom while remaining under your control and within your sight you are your pets guardian their safety is your duty.

  4. Heartbreaking … 😢

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