The Rovers return…

Gerald Reece flyer

Why not print out a few of these flyers and pass them around?

Top contributor, commentor and all round good egg David Evans has been busy over the last few weeks organising a treat for local history buffs in Brownhills and the wider community.

David has been back in correspondence with the elder statesman of Brownhills local history Gerald Reece, who last gave a talk in Brownhills in 2012. That event was also organised by David and raised £520 for MacMillan Cancer Support, and now the two have got together and organised another presentation on local history.

All this is quite remarkable considering Gerald moved to Devon some years ago, but still loves Brownhills and it’s history enough to continue his research.

Gerald will give his talk at Brownhills Methodist Church in Silver Street, Brownhills on 28th November, 2014. Gerald, of course, wrote that definitive work on our town, ‘Brownhills: A walk into history’, a book upon which this blog has leant quite heavily over the years.

This time, the presentation will be amplified, as I gather a few had trouble hearing last time, and there will also be a visual display along with the talk. The first part of this one will be concentrating on the Manor of Ogley Hay, and the second on the planned Brownhills new town in the mid nineteenth century.

Gerald is a fascinating and engaging man, expert in his field, and from what I can ascertain, has plenty of remarkable and new material to share. Seats for the 7:30pm talk are a snip at £3 a pop, and all proceeds will be going to Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity which I feel we all can get behind in their essential work.

I’d like to publicly thank both David and Gerald for their efforts and selfless contribution to the continued preservation and investigation of our local history. This will be a cracking night and I implore anyone interested in our communal past to attend.

If you wish to enquire further about the talk, you can mail David on dastaneva02 at aol dot com, or comment here. In order to gauge numbers expected to attend, it would be nice if anyone planning to go could comment on this post, please. The evening is pay at the door, so estimating numbers in advance could be tricky.

A simple ‘yes’ here would be very helpful to David if possible. Cheers.

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7 Responses to The Rovers return…

  1. Peter says:

    Complete no brainer ……. Yes

  2. Clive says:

    Great news, look forward to the night.

  3. Graham says:

    Yes – look forward to it

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