Local Scouts learn about nature at Shire Oak Park


Shire Oak Park Nature Reserve: a hidden and little-known gem.

I should have featured this yesterday, but didn’t get time. In what seems to be a new initiative, Walsall Wood Scouts, a thoroughly fine bunch of lads, have been undertaking small scale, supervised scrub clearance at Shire Oak Park Nature Reserve.

I was alerted by Helen Sanger, of the Walsall Heaths group:

I think this is an excellent and worthwhile initiative.

While we’re about it, by popular request, I’ve set up a friendly, informal Shire Oak Park users group on Facebook, as a place where interested folk can come and ask questions, raise issues or learn some of the history of the reserve. There’s more than one admin and I hope the group will become as useful as those for other Walsall greenspaces.

My intention is that the group should be self managing as far as possible, and that it should be welcoming and useful. Please pop down if you’re interested in this valuable local habitat.

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3 Responses to Local Scouts learn about nature at Shire Oak Park

  1. David Evans says:

    well done the scouts, and the Walsall Heaths group!

  2. Lee says:

    Hi all.
    We were indeed up at Shire Oak Nature Reserve last night. I think this is our 4th year of conservation work as part of our summer programme during the school holidays for our members. We had about 30 of 100 our members present last night, not bad for the summer holidays (and the rain that came down minutes before we met!).
    We just about got away with completing the activity without getting wet!
    Group Scout Leader

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