Exterminate! Daleks to invade Aldridge

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Why not print out a few flyers and spread them amongst your mates? Click for a larger version.

Martin Fisher contacted me from the Aston Manor Road Transport Museum in Aldridge recently, to let me know about their latest event, taking place this Sunday. It looks set to be a must for Sci-Fi fans, Doctor Who aficionados and anyone else into the weird and wonderful.

Martin wrote:

Good morning, Bob

I promised you details of the Dalek Invasion at the museum; I attach a copy of the advert and also the draft press release and I’d be pleased if you could mention it in the blog. You might like to say that locals are welcome to come to the museum in Shenstone Drive on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 10:30 to 16:00 and also Thursday evenings from 19:30 to 21:30 to buy tickets direct from us – other local outlets are being set up, including Bennett’s sci-fi shop in the Victorian Arcade in Walsall, which already has tickets in stock; we’ll put additional details on our Facebook page as we progress.

Any more queries, please come back to me.


Daleks to Invade Aldridge

Prepare to hide behind the sofa! A squad of Daleks is expected to invade the Aston Manor Transport Museum in its new home in Shenstone Drive, Aldridge on 23rd June, accompanied by a selection of well-known sci-fi characters.

The museum is hosting the Charity Dalek Squad for a day of fun and excitement, as the Daleks perform around the museum’s collection of buses and other old vehicles. There will be Dalek games to watch and to participate in, as well as the chance for visitors to meet Daleks face-to-face. Sci-fi memorabilia will be on sale and it will also be a chance to see many of the exhibits before the relocated museum, originally located near the Aston Villa ground in Witton, formally opens to the public later this summer.

The Charity Dalek Squad is formed by a group of Dalek enthusiasts who build and operate life-size Daleks and gives shows all over the country, attracting large audiences wherever they appear.

Tickets are available from the museum in Shenstone Drive, Aldridge; details are on the museum website (www.amrtm.org) or ring 07914 712073. They will also be on sale at a number of local outlets and on the day before the event from the museum’s stand and bus at the Aldridge Carnival.


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  1. Mick_P says:

    Does anyone else remember that in one of the big shops in Walsall in the late Sixties/early Seventies there was a Dalek that you could climb into and that, on the insertion of a coin, would waggle about and make noises? It might have been in Woolworth’s.

  2. Jody says:


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