Christmas events, anyone?

I just wondered if anyone out there had local christmas stuff they wanted publiscising here on the blog? In previous years in Brownhills, the Town Centre Team have had unified ‘Magic of Christmas’ branded events, but since Antonia has moved on to pastures new, it all seems a bit haphazard this year.

Anyone with anything they’d like to publicise, please contact me, either by commenting on this post, or mailing me details on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

Meanwhile, top reader and contributor to the blog, David Evans took some splendid shots of the Christmas Tree Festival at the Methodist Church in Silver Street last weekend, and he’s been kind enough to send them in. I thought I’d feature them here.

As ever, Brownhills lad Kevin Simon has some lovely pictures on his blog, too.

Seemed like a nice day for it… Picture kindly supplied by David Evans.
Just love the Nativity. Picture by David Evans.
There certainly seem to have been some splendid trees on display. Again, thanks to David Evans for the photo.
From years when I’ve visited (sadly I was working this year), the thing that stands out is the presentation. Lovely stuff. Picture supplied by David Evans.
I believe the trees remain on display right up until the big day. Thanks to David Evans for the image.

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