Local history talk in Brownhills tonight!

Please feel free to print this poster out and put it up on your local notice board… click for a larger version.

Top contributor, commentor and all round good egg David Evans has been busy over the last few weeks organising a treat for local history buffs in Brownhills and the wider community.

David has kindly contacted noted local historian and author Gerald Reece, and together, they’ve arranged for a talk to be given tonight (30th November 2012) by Gerald at Brownhills Methodist Church in Silver Street, Brownhills. Gerald, of course, wrote that definitive work on local history, ‘Brownhills: A walk into history’, a book upon which this blog has leant quite heavily over the years.

Gerald is a fascinating and engaging man, expert in his field, and from what I can ascertain, has plenty of remarkable and new material to share. Seats for the 7:30pm talk are a snip at £3 a pop, and all proceeds will be going to Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity which I feel we all can get behind in their essential work.

David wrote to tell me yesterday that there is provision to securely store cycles for anyone pitching up on their trusty steed, which is very thoughtful.

I’d like to publicly thank both David and Gerald for their efforts and selfless contribution to the continued preservation of our local history. This will be a cracking night and I implore anyone interested in our communal past to attend.

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4 Responses to Local history talk in Brownhills tonight!

  1. “And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here”
    as Henry V was supposed to have said.
    It may have been a trip out in the cold and dark but well worth it for an object lesson in how to do local history research. Hard work, meticulous detail, and a good talker as well – good man Gerald!

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  3. Jack Flowers says:

    Is there anyway I can get hold of a copy of “Brownhills: A walk into history.” Only my Mum wants a copy as my Grandad Sid Orgill helped to compile the information and it’s of great interest to us.

    Kind Regards.

    • Hi Jack
      I watched eBay for months and months, and finally paid about £30 for my copy.
      Maybe Gerald is reading this and can help?
      Another suggestion is that Brownhills Library have a copy; maybe borrow it and scan it?

      Anyone have a copy they wish to pass on?



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