I hoard it on the radio

In this field, a momentous discovery was made. The horses, however, remain unimpressed. Photo by Brownhills Champ and posted on Panoramio. I think both I and Brian know the source...

Today, top local bloke Brian Stringer (that’s the Clayhanger Kid, you know) had a slot on the Phil Upton show on BBC Radio WM. Going out at the ungodly hour of 7:20am, I doubt many hereabouts were sufficiently caffeine-infused to register what was going on, let alone digest the finer points of Brian’s plan. To that end, I snaffled the clip off  BBC inlayer and offer the relevant portion below for your listening pleasure.

When I featured this last week, I pointed out that I think it’s a great idea and we really should get behind Brian on this. The spot should be recorded, and since that wee stub of road isn’t doing anything better it seems like a plan. Brian, as we’d all expect, gives a positive, pleasant and knowledgable account of his position despite Phil Upton trying to do the usual binary hatchet-job. It really is time they got that DJ some training.

I wish Brian well in this and if anyone wants to lend a hand and would like to contact Brian, I have his contact details handy. Just drop me a line.

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