A shout out to Hoard fans…

Spotted by The Edditer of Bloxwich Telegraph fame, the redoubtable Stuart Williams, I’d like to point out the following program coming up tonight at 8:00pm on BBC 2. It’s got Dan Snow narrating, so should be a decent way to spend an hour learning about the locally located loot.

Oh, and while you’re watching, why not enjoy a bottle of The Hoard ale from Brownhills very own Backyard Brewhouse? It’s won awards, you know…

While we’re about it, Brian Stringer is still after support for his monument project. Please support him if you can, he’s a top bloke and it’s a fine idea.

Click on screenshot to visit the webpage for the program.

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7 Responses to A shout out to Hoard fans…

  1. JeepBoy says:

    let’s hope he correctly credits the location as Ogley / Brownhills ………………… unlike Tripadvisor who seem to think Chasewater is in Brewood !!

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    Yes, I’d noticed that, too. It was shown quite some time ago, so we may not learn anything new …

  3. Mick P says:

    Thanks for the tip! I may well be in Rome but ah, Bit Torrent and UK Nova, I love you.

  4. Andy Dennis says:

    It would be interesting to ask a modern goldsmith how they would make such pieces today. I worked in a jewellery factory for a time. I suspect that they would use more or less the same tools and techniques as their Saxon forerunners and would be able to give some fascinating insights into the time and skills it would take to make some of the hoard items. I appreciate some mass-produced items are decorated with diamond-cutting machines and jewels are more easily cut (such as the red garnets we saw), but the fancy stuff is still made by hand with very basic tools. But, in the right hands they can work magic.

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