Clayhanger Common fire: damage not too bad

The scrub near the Pier Street pedestrian bridge had clearly been well alight, but clearly the fire was extinguished before much harm was done. 6:10pm, Tuesday, 18th October 2011.

It won't take long for the thicket to recover next spring. 6:11pm, Tuesday, 18th October 2011.

I meant to post these Yesterday. Taken on Tuesday evening, these low-quality pictures show the damage from the scrub fire on Monday Night, which was spotted and reported to the blog by top reader Rachel Gosling. It seems that the fire – although seemingly massive – was confined to a small area of scrub. I’m not sure if the fire service put it out, or the weather or a combination of both, but good work, whoever. It’s a timely reminder that we’ve had no rain to speak of lately and everything is still tinder-dry. Thankfully, none of the new planting was destroyed.

I’m obviously not sure how this started, but there seems to be an increase in antisocial behaviour in the area of the pedestrian bridge lately, and the notorious bench on the bank seems home to large groups of n’er do wells again. I noticed older drunks hanging around the little pool on Sunday last. It would be nice if some patrols could be undertaken over there…

Recent photo of the bench by the pedestrian bridge on Clayhanger Common by reader Howmuch. It's a shame really, the area has been relatively hassle free for a couple of years now.

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  2. Grande Pablo says:

    A huge patch between Coopers Bridge & Clayhanger Lane has also been torched.

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