Chasewater Railway reopens Saturday!

Further to my recent article on the matter, I’m genuinely shocked – but very, very pleased – that Chasewater Railway now has a complete, working track again and can recommence regular operations tomorrow. Normal timetables will be in operation all weekend and it’ll be excellent to see this dedicated band of enthusiasts able to offer their full service in time for the holiday weekend. Go check out their website where you can see the full range of great stuff they have to offer. It’s a cracking place to go for kids of all ages.

Meanwhile, an update has been published on the official Chasewater Dam Blog, which contains some interesting information. In it, Lizzie has this to say:

Evening all,

Our colleagues at the county council have provided the following update on this week’s works:

  • The causeway works are now substantially complete.
  • Subject to Chasewater Railway carrying out internal safety checks tonight (27/5/11) it is hoped a full line operation will be in place over the bank holiday weekend.
  • Further details on
  • Staffs County Council was formally registered by the Environment Agency as an undertaker of Chasewater Dam (along with British Waterways) on the 25 May
  • The county team appointed new ARPE and Supervising Engineer
  • A review of certain key elements of the works is being carried out by the county team. A new programme of works will be issued once review has been completed.

So, it looks like Staffordshire County Council mean business. I’m encouraged by this and hope that the period of fudge, prevarication and dithering is now over, and we can look forward to the recovery of Chasewater back into the fantastic asset that it is. I will watch with interest.

I took a spin out this evening to check out the situation on the causeway…

The causeway is still officially closed, but as the Railway is no longer blocked, it's trivial to hope round the fence. 6:21pm, Friday, 27th May 2011.

The mountain of ballast has now been distributed, and these newly reconnected rails have a sheen for the first time in months. 6:23pm, Friday, 27th May 2011.

The track now has a perceptible 'hump'. I suggest this be christened 'Turner's Hill', although Rowley Regis may get a bit pissed off about that. 6:21pm, Friday, 27th May 2011.

Sadly, for all the millions spent, we're still left with this crappy, bike/pushchair/wheelchair unfreindly steel bridge. 6:24pm, Friday, 27th May 2011.

Good to see the test train at Chasewater Heaths. I'm really pleased for these guys. 6:28pm, Friday, 27th May 2011

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