Chasewater: ‘From now on, it’s project-managed properly.’

A fascinating piece on Radio WM’s Ed Doolan show today about Chasewater, the predicament Lichfield Council has got itself into, and the handover to Staffordshire Councty Council. In an unusually thorough piece, Mark Winnington of Staffordshire Councty Council and Graham Evans, of the Chasewater Wildlife Group speak frankly about the delays and issues.

It seems to me that Lichfield haven’t covered themselves with glory here and Staffordshire appear to be picking up a right old mess. Nice to see they left Neil Turner out of it, presumably he’s still dealing with the fallout. Graham and Mark both gave good accounts of their respective positions, and I thank BBC journalist Ed Dawes for driving this whole thing forward, although it would have been nice if he’d told me it was being broadcast…

Listen to the clip by clicking on the player below:

There is also a story on the reopening of the Chasewater Railway for this weekend on the Radio WM news today, which I included at the end of the above clip. I’m not sure of the current status, but if they’re up and running tomorrow that’s brilliant and I salute all involved. Chasewater Wildlife Group’s news page also has some great coverage which I replicate below. Nice to have some good news at last. Didn’t think there was any chance of that being possible.

From Chasewater Wildlife Group’s news page:

May 26th:

The track is now in place (GE) - picture copyright Graham Evans

Really good progress appears to have been made on the causeway with the track now relaid over the new culvert by the specialist company Trackwork. Presumably its now up to Galliford Try to make safe, if not complete, the area in time for the Bank Holiday weekend. Let’s hope that there are no last minute problems and at least one of Chasewater’s users can return to a degree of normality.

Several information signs have been posted along the South and West Shores regarding the Little Ringed Plovers, at least 5 pairs of which have now hatched young (GE).

But still plenty to do (GE) - picture copyright Graham Evans

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6 Responses to Chasewater: ‘From now on, it’s project-managed properly.’

  1. Bob,
    It’s now official from Bryan Marks, Publicity Officer,
    Great News!
    Chasewater Railway
    Line reinstated and will reopen from Saturday 28th May.

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