Burntwood Blue Birds reunion this evening


The Burntwood Blue Birds were a champion band who won many competitions. Image courtesy Wendy Jones.

As usual, I’m a bit late to the party with this but this is a very important announcement for anyone who was a member of, or is interested in the marching bands so popular in our area that were huge from the 1930s onwards, but particularly in the 60s-90s.

This evening (Saturday 17th October 2015), there will be a reunion of the Burntwood Blue Birds Jazz Band organised by Wendy Jones and other former members at the St. Matthews Sports and Social Club, in St. Matthews Road, Burntwood, from 7pm.

Tickets are £5 and I’m sure you can pay at the door.

This will be a great chance to catch up with former band mates, view pictures and other material from the past, and just have a really great get together. I’m sure members of other local bands would be welcome too – the whole scene was such an excellent community.

Wendy Jones has previously donated much material to the blog – both in the form of photos of the area before the mM6 Toll came through, and of course, her main interest the history of  the Burntwood Blue Birds Jazz Band.

There is a Burntwood Blue Birds Facebook group for the band where members are posting a wealth of material and like the similar group for Brownhills Tartans, it’s proving to be a real trip down memory lane for all who had any connection with the scene.

If you’re interested in the reunion or just fancy a wallow in marching band nostalgia, please do pop to the Facebook group here.

As I’ve previously pointed out, marching bands were a huge part of local music/performance culture locally for decades. I think it’s important that the history of this tradition is recorded, and I can’t think of anyone finer and more suited to do it than Wendy.


The skill, dedication and expertise of the people involved should not be underestimated. his is a real art form. Image courtesy Wendy Jones.

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3 Responses to Burntwood Blue Birds reunion this evening

  1. Wendy Jones says:

    Wow this has been a fantasic evening, thanks to everyone who came and made this a most memorable evening

  2. Ann Morrison says:

    Sadly missed at events, such as the Lichfield Bower, where they added fun, colour and joy to what is now quite a sad parade without them and others alike. The competition in Beacon Park was the highlight of the day, not to be missed. I enjoyed it for many years. I don’t think any bands exist in this part of the world anymore………..do they?

  3. Joanne Brookes says:

    As anyone got pictures or footage of the Wilkin Wonderers marching band early 70,s thank you

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