Some bins not emptied today – leave them out folks….


Sometimes stuff breaks – but don’t panic!

I’m hearing that today (Friday 26th June 2015), some bin collections were missed in Brownhills, Walsall Wood and Shelfield, apparently due to a truck breakdown – these thing happen.

If your bin hasn’t been emptied today, and should have been, Walsall Clean and Green say leave it out (or pop it out again) and crews will be round in the morning (Saturday 27th June 2015) to catch up.

I know people fret about the bins from messages I get, so I hope that helps.

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4 Responses to Some bins not emptied today – leave them out folks….

  1. Bb says:

    Like you said these things happen, can’t fault them for working Saturday morning to empty the ones they couldn’t do ( even if the will probably get double pay lol )

  2. Claire walker says:

    Grey bin hasn’t been emptied 01.04.2016 Brownhills

    • Leave it out, they may come tomorrow.

      Other than that, I suggest contacting Clean and Green at Walsall Council who actually have some power over this stuff


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