2015 New Year Quiz results

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I spotted it purely by chance in the bay window of an ordinary house a week before Christmas in Brookland Road, Walsall Wood. I adore this knitted nativity – I particularly like the angel with the bunches and bloomers. My hat is doffed to the person who made it.

Well, this year’s quiz is complete, and we have a winner – the two year reigning champion is Tony Jakeman, who this year came first with a highly creditable 20 points, but team Jakeman did face a sustained challenge from Kate and Andy Dennis amongst others.

Tony Jakeman  20 points
Kate                    14 points
Andy Dennis       8 points
Peter                     7 points
Clive                     4 points
David Evans       2 points
Lynn                     2 points
Caz                        1 point
Trev in Aus          1 point

Last year, the quiz was easier to solve using Google, so this year I made it harder. I have to say, Tony rose to the challenge beautifully and really has earned his case of Backyard Beer. To find the stuff he did – like the bicycle weathervane in Stonnall and the remarkable Nativity in Brookland Road – was extraordinary. It’s very impressive.

For mounting such a solid challenge, and for some very thorough research, Kate wins a min-keg. I’ll be in touch with all winners in the week to sort details.

Tony also earns a couple of books for really hunting out answers I thought would not happen (The Walter Jones headstone, the woolly Nativity), I also think readers Any Dennis, Peter and Lynn deserve a book prize each too – you all put in such effort. It was great fun.


This old Rushton-Bucyrus dragline excavator – at least 5 decades old – will be familiar to generations of local kids who explored the old clay pit on Pelsall Road. Surprised the question was last to go. This pic was taken in 2011.

I’ve embedded the spreadsheet of results below.

Thanks to everyone for being up for it, and not taking things too seriously. I agonise over these quizzes and like to be fair – so if I’ve made any glaring errors or  suchlike please do get in touch.

Can I also ask, are we up for further quizzes in future, and would you like to see the nature of them changed? I’m open to suggestions. I have enough questions for at least another couple…

Again, thanks, it was great fun. Comment here with your thoughts or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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7 Responses to 2015 New Year Quiz results

  1. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Well done everybody…..I was the one who said
    Oh! I knew that, after I saw the answer.
    Dave (Eddy) Edwards

  2. Helen Cutler says:

    I enjoyed the quiz despite not posting any answers , I only knew the missing Basset but it had already been answered, i didn’t grow up here but learning more about the locality is fascinating – Thankyou – more please x

  3. peter says:

    A bit like Aston Villa I finished with a mediocre mid table finish again! I’d like to thank my family who supported me during this journey, my fellow competitors bla bla ………………. actually thanks to you Bob for the quiz in the first place, thoroughly enjoyed it and congratulations to everyone who took part and yes another one please. I understand there has to be a balance between those who live local and the likes of Trevor in Oz who can’t possibly answer some of the questions as they are not local anymore, if there was a quiz based purely on the contents of the blog then everyone could take part I suppose.
    Keep up the good work……..

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Bon
    an excellent quiz ..appreciate all the hard work you have put in to its compilation. Enjoyed it, so I did. Congrats to the winners from a sporting loser. Enjoy the beer. Cheers
    kind regards

  5. Hard work but good fun.

    As always found out lots of interesting things from the quiz and even more when looking in completely the wrong place for answers!

  6. Clive says:

    Enjoyed the quiz Bob, well done, look forward to the next one.

  7. aerreg says:

    againn you have got the old grey matter working a fiew facts on park view subject there was another chapel farther down toward newtown bridge we called it the little chapel on sunday school aniversary days members from uncle georges choir would go and help ouy one name in my mind is bert plant in those days castle street was known as the forte my old fatherinlaw ted hayward was born up there after world war two george seedhouse stored glider plane bodies up the forte and people bought the to make sheds another point joanah deakin sold his grocery shop to my old friend and wife harold and mavis walker we worked together at that time for th chasetown electricity company his mother a lovely lady gave support in the shop for quite a while until it got established thanks again for the memouries god bless from aer reg

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