Latest bin collection information – October 2014


Latest refuse collection leaflet – October 2014. Image course of Walsall Council. Click for a larger version.

I’ve long held that if you want to start a revolution in the UK, just disrupt refuse collections, so this is a headsup for everyone in the local area – there’s a new issue of the refuse collection and recycling leaflet out now with a collection calendar, recycling guide and other information.


Latest refuse collection leaflet – October 2014. Image course of Walsall Council. Click for a larger version.

People always mislay these, particularly at Christmas, so I thought I’d scan one and post it here so it’s available to all. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any changes (except the area have be re-numbered). Note that in Brownhills and mainland Pelsall (area 9), last brown bin collection is 21s November 2014, restarting on 10th April 2015. In Walsall Wood and south central Aldridge (area 3), last brown collection is 18th November 2014 restating 7th April.

Over Christmas, Brownhills and Pelsall get a recycling collection every week from 12th December 2014 to 9th January 2015 except Boxing day (Boxing day’s missed collections will be made up on the 2nd January by collecting extra bags).

In Walsall Wood and Aldridge, recycling collections are weekly from 9th December 2014 until 6th January 2015, similarly missing collection on the 30th December, which will be made up for on 6th January.

Whilst there’s usually a chorus of disapproval over bin collections at Christmas, they’re only suspended for Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, missing collections on other days are caused by rebalancing the three lost days so nobody goes too long without a collection.

Bear in mind that in all cases, the bins must be out by 7am now, as collections are starting early so they can be suspended during rush hour.


Latest refuse collection leaflet – October 2014. Image course of Walsall Council. Click for a larger version.

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8 Responses to Latest bin collection information – October 2014

  1. Thanks for sharing Bob. I always lose mine by about February and wonder what’s happening. Also good to see the list of allowable recyclables for those of us who recall the heady days of “If it has the triangle, we can deal with it” – wouldn’t want to fall foul of the system.

  2. Warren Parry says:

    Thanks Bob, mi Julie is very grateful too.

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  4. Peter says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve got some elderly neighbours who never fail to get it right about what colour bin and on what day……………….. thinking about it I think I may be able to save the council £ 000’s every year, instead of printing out these highly coloured and glossy flyers that normally end up in the bin (Can’t remember which bin they go into though!) and the recycling top twenty leaflet, ironically I think the most recycled item is the leaflet telling us what we can and cannot recycle, all the Council have to do is phone Doris at the end of our road who will pass the word on to other like aged folks around the district and then all we have to do is copy what they do!
    There we go another saving made………. perhaps now we can afford 2 mayoral cars.


    • It’s times like this, when the Council try to communicate with us, that I understand why the staff often feel themselves to be urinating into a gale.

      Seeing how people lose these, forget, or just plain don’t have contact with Doris, the blog is the next best bet. But watch the howling at Christmas…


  5. Louise says:

    Just want to add that you can recycle some extra stuff by using the local drop off point in Brownhills West (details on the terracycle website) I collect tassimo tdiscs, cleaning product lids, biscuit wrappers, coffee packaging and usable clothes they all help raising money for local Girlguiding units.
    Thank you

  6. Emma says:

    Great that you share this! I am always very confused about which are the things that can be recycled! Cheers!

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