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The Brownhills Blog has readers all over the world – not just here in the UK, but it reaches ex-pats and families from places as disparate as Africa, Canada, South America, Russia, India and even a few in Australia, including long time friend of the blog Trevor ‘Hovis’ Brown, who’s sorely missed in The Wood amongst his former schoolmates and friends.

Trev hasn’t been enjoying the best of health over the last couple of years, but like me, he’s a keen cyclist and I’m glad to see he still gets out and about around Brisbane where he lives.

A video and some photos have reached me via David Evans who’s getting a real whizz with digital media these days, and as the cold, short days return I feature Trevor’s material here. So much to dream of – those wide, traffic-free cycleways; the atmosphere; the waterfront. Thos trains you can get all the bikes on!

And oh, for that sun. How sweet that would be right now.

Trevor wrote:

Hi Bob,

I don’t know what I am doing but young David Evans has asked me to try this little project, Its about biking and bike culture here and in Brisbane, I have told David that you might not want to do this has its nothing to do with your Blog, I won’t be offended at all if your think the idea is wrong for you,

I have enclosed a few photos, no.1 is our new cycle bridge along the Brisbane River that’s near completion, it replaces one that was washed away in the 2011 floods, It connects the river City cycling track with the rest of the bike tracks, more to my point it saves riding up two very steep hills!

Photo 2, I thought you would like this notice that the council erected some years ago I think it must relate to a cctv camera, or perhaps Walsall Council made a donation…

Photo  3 is our bikes on the train into the city – 5 grand kids with me and my kids, nine of us altogether.

Photo 4 is my bike, and photo no 5 is a new bridge over the Brisbane River for us bikers.

David surgested that I could write a bit about the different riding conditions that we encounter here in Aussie compared to back home, so can you let me know sometime,

Cheers Bob,
Trev (Hovis) Brown

Trev, as a son of The Wood, and as a fellow cyclist, I’d love to feature anything you’d like to write. Your cycling life looks so, so different to mine, and I’m sure plenty or my fellow velocipedean readers would love to read your stories too.

That’s a great steed you have there, and we’d love to hear of your adventures with it and your family. What’s it like in the hills around there? They seem quite legendary…

Brisbane seems to be a bit keener to build infrastructure for it’s cyclists that anywhere here, too. Wow!

Get well soon old chap, and when you’re feeling up to it, please do share more of what seems to be a wonderful cycling life in a way more temperate clime!

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9 Responses to A more temperate clime

  1. I love that cycle bridge, I want one 😉

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    As a “resting”, perhaps in the thespian sense, and currently vicarious cyclist, I love these things. One impressive bridge!

    A favourite sign I once saw, but sadly have no picture, said: “High voltage. Touching these wires means instant death. Anyone disregarding this notice will be prosecuted”.

  3. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Thanks Bob & David for featuring photos and a video from my mate Hovis
    We email quite often and I know he loves his cycling.
    The video you have shown was taken by his daughter Susan who was along
    on that ride.
    Thanks again, I know he will be very proud to appear on your Blog
    Dave (Eddy) Edwards

  4. Clive says:

    Nice one Trevor, good on yer mate.

  5. trevor says:

    Thankyou Young David and you Bob for the work you have done on my little story. You are right Eddy its the most famous I have been since Mr Faid gave me the cane twice on the stage at school,

  6. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    well done Corporal Trevor.. good to see that English education left its indelible mark, then!…
    and a big thankyou to Bob.

  7. Clive says:

    Hello Trevor. If the caning took place at the new Shire Oak School, I can back up your claim to fame. I was one of the 400 kids that witnessed your caning mate.

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