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Brownhills Scouts, after years in the Scout Hut by the Memo, now have a great place down Barnetts Lane. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

I have been contacted by the Group Chairman of 2nd Brownhills Scout Group, Clive Chapman, who’d like to hear from locals who may have been Scouts, or people who worked with the group over the years – it’s their 100th anniversary next year, and Clive is looking to record the group’s history and organise a celebration event.

I think most of us have had contact with, or been in the Scout Movement within our communities. They are a fine organisation, giving young folk access to experiences and social events that are unparalleled elsewhere. I know for a fact that Clive and his group are a credit to our community, and they all work hard to help out with Brownhills events. So please, if you can assist in any way, that would be great.

Clive is appealing for any photos, memories or ephemera that any of you may have. We have talked about Walsall Wood Scouts quite a bit, and I can just imagine that many of the regulars here looked well fetching in short trousers and a woggle. Come on, folks, what do you know?

Please, please, please, do what you can. The local kids are a great bunch, really.

Hi Bob

I wonder if you could help us to get the word out that the 2nd Brownhills-15th Walsall Scout Group will be 100 years old next June (2015).

We would like anyone who has been a member, connected or associated with the Group at any time in its past to contact us, preferably before the end of the year, so that we can finalise our celebration plans etc.

We can be contacted via:-

Telephone: 01543 671941
Post: L.C.Wright. 78 Highfield Road, Burntwood, Staffs., WS7 9BY

Or by visiting the Scout HQ in Barnetts Lane, Brownhills on a Monday or Wednesday evening.

We are trying to obtain as much information as possible on the history of the Group, i.e. stories, documents, photos etc.

We are also interested in obtaining contact details of people who do contact us ready for when we have our party.

Thanks for any help you can give is through your blog

Clive Wright
Group Chairman.

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  2. Pedro says:

    There is an interesting account in the Lichfield Mercury of 14 August 1925 of the 1st Brownhills Boy Scouts, 23 in all, and their summer camp at Mile Oak.

    Let me know if it is of any interest and I will send it to Bob

  3. David Oakley says:

    Hi Bob,
    I joined 2nd Brownhills scouts sometime in 1943 at the age of 12, during World War Two. The scout hut was situated next door to the Central School, standing well back from the main road, with a wood behind it, and no other buildings as I remember, in the vicinity. The wood proved useful for woodcraft exercises and for the occasional campfire. The hut was made of timber but was stout enough to withstand all the robust activities of the scouts, such as ‘British Bulldog’ and vigorous battles with staves, Robin Hood/Little John style. The staffs (or staves) could be purchased within the scout organisation, a stout ash staff, six feet long, trimmed, but retaining its bark, the top with the bark cut, at intervals, to denote one inch sections for the first six inches, enabling the scout to measure off various distances, quite accurately.
    The Scoutmaster was Mr. Bill Bates from Walsall Wood, who succeeded Mr. Wilf Bickley, a Scoutmaster who served so long, that he may well have been the first Scoutmaster of the 2nd Brownhills troop.
    To pass the ‘Tenderfoot’ test, one of the requirements was to cover a mile at ‘Scouts pace’. This was always carried out on the Parade, directly opposite the Scout hut, the calculation being that the A5 was half a mile away, so there and back constituted a mile. This was a rather eerie venture to a young scout in the prevailing wartime ‘Blackout’ in the hours of winter darkness, and a young, relieved face would appear at the door, after this test, to be greeted by acclamation by more senior scouts, for completing, his ‘twenty runs, twenty walks’ routine’
    My own patrol was the Hawk Patrol, with Bernard Buckroyd as Patrol leader. And at 83, I can still ‘do the knots’. Very happy years, and I’m sure that the high principles of Scouting have influenced many lives to some extent after those formative teenage years. My very best wishes for the forthcoming celebrations in 2015.

  4. Pedro says:

    District News, Lichfield Mercury 2 July 1915…Brownhills

    Parish Church Choir… The newly formed troop of Boy scouts, with the Heath Hayes and Hednesford scouts under district Scout Master H Rowley and Scout Master H Cullen (Brownhills troop) attending the morning service, accompanied by the Special constables…the Scouts spent the weekend under canvas in the field kindly lent by Mr Sanders.

    (later shows Assistant Scout Master to be J Brew.)

    10 March 1916…Mrs G Roberts of Streetly has kindly sent a cheque for £25 to the 1st brownhills Boy Scouts towards the cost of purchasing a room for headquarters.

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