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What’s going on for the older folks in our area – can you help with information? Image from Age UK.

Yesterday, I received this appeal from Mark Fellows of Age UK, who’s compiling a list of services, clubs and activities for those aged 50 plus in our area. First up, he needs contact details for Clayhanger Senior Citizens Club, but also details of any such services for senior citizens in out area.

For instance, I wonder if Brownhills Senior Citizens Club and 50 plus are still running? If so, please let Mark know. Surely, there must also be something going on at the Activities and Parkview Centres…

Mark wrote:

Hello there Bob

I’ve been signposted towards your blog by an Age UK Walsall service user and wondered if you may be able to help, please…

I am currently compiling a Walsall-wide directory of community activities suitable for older people (50+), something which when complete can be shared with as many public and private bodies as possible to try and advertise the provisions of each area to try and reduce social isolation.

I have been told about a Clayhanger Senior Citizens Club, but can find no valid number for it anywhere online. As a pro-active local resident, are you aware of any contact details?

Furthermore, would you be able to advise of any other similar provisions on your ‘patch’ that may be of use to me?

I thank you very much for any of your time, in advance.

Kind regards,

Mark Fellows

Older Adults Community Engagement Officer
Age UK Walsall
200 Rookery Lane

Please supply any information if you can.

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  1. Mick P says:

    Although I can offer no useful information, I’d just like to say that Age UK Walsall have been – and continue to be – very helpful in offering assistance in a variety of ways for my parents in Pelsall. And this looks like a very useful initiative. Keep up the good work.

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