Watling Street Primary School Brownhills, closed Monday and Tuesday

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Watling Street Primary School, as shown on Bing! Mapping.

Just spotted this tweet from Walsall Council:

It seems that Watling Street Primary School, Brownhills will be closed today, Monday 6th January 2013, and tomorrow Tuesday 7th January 2013.

If I get any further info, I’ll post it up here as soon as I can. You may also want to keep an eye on Walsall Council’s Twitter or Facebook page for the latest announcements.

The Walsall Council School Closure website says the following:

Watling Street primary School

Posted on December 20, 2013

I would advise you that it will be necessary to close the school on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th January 2014, due to a health and safety issue with our EYFS Unit.

I have no idea what an EYFS unit is, but t’internet suggests it’s the Early Years Foundation Stage Unit, so I guess that’s the part of the school for the youngest children.

I realise this is inconvenient, but please cut the school some slack, I’m sure they wouldn’t have taken this decision lightly.

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4 Responses to Watling Street Primary School Brownhills, closed Monday and Tuesday

  1. Tami says:

    Its the Early Years Foundation Stage. Its due to a crack in one of the joist’s. Thats what we were told when the kids broke up. x

  2. Not mice then. Mirus Academy had a big attack of the rodenticide squad a while back. Must have been last year. That was a “health and safety” thing, according to the school.

  3. Eryl Powell says:

    It was a small crack in a joist, as stated above, but obviously no risks can be taken with our littlies in nursery & reception. The “mobile” type Nursery/Reception area has been declared unsafe. This all happened on the last day of Christmas term, only a couple of hours before we all broke up for holidays. Walsall have been superb, coming out that afternoon to check it over, declare it unsafe, and are now working with us to see what can be done do to replace the unit.
    In the meantime, we had to get everything out of the N&R unit, and find 2 new classrooms for them in the main school. This necessitated moving EVERYTHING out of 2 rooms, (ie all desks, cupboards – full of hundreds of learning resources, all posters, notices, pupils’ work, books, particular side desks and chairs etc) and stripping the ICT suite to enable it to be used as a regular classroom. We then had to refit the 4 “new” rooms and move the After-School Club and its facilities into the hall.
    All is now up and running, the children love their new rooms, and it’s great to have N&R in the main building with us, but it is very cramped, and we are all doing our best.
    We are very sorry that we had to close the school to pupils for the 2 days, and our parents have been very understanding – but then our parents are wonderful – they’re the ones who dig our car park and paths out of the snow when it comes!

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