The end and the beginning

Thanks to several people including reader and friend of the blog Caz and the Young David Evans who’ve both pointed out that the former Royal Oak in Bullings Heath, Walsall Wood, is currently being demolished.

The former pub was a landmark point in our work here on the Brownhills Blog, as David Evans was granted access to the building as it lay empty last year. With the aide of the last owners’ family, Hillary Little and Tony and Val Smith, we built up a history of the old hostelry and documented it before it was lost.

The kind act of historical and community felicity in allowing us to record the Royal Oak should not be underestimated. I am very grateful indeed to Hilary, Ron and Val. So much has been lost without any documented history. Thanks to all involved.

The site is currently being cleared for a new build close of ten houses, applied for earlier in the year. The application was approved, and anyone interested can read the decision notice here on Walsall Council’s planning system.

Yesterday, as I passed, I took some pictures of the demolition. I noted the work was being carried out by Cawarden Reclamation of Rugeley, who run a reclaimed building materials yard near Colton. This is great as it means nothing is wasted and the materials recovered from the former inn will be cleaned and reused in future projects. Cawarden are a great company.

Whilst it’s sad to see an old building go, it was far from unique, and change must happen, as the genius of Matthew E. Carter highlighted earlier this week.

David Evans compiled a photo gallery of the royal oak before it was demolished. Here are the images he collected.

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7 Responses to The end and the beginning

  1. Clive says:

    I wonder if there was anything of intrest in the loft space. My loft is full of junk that maybe of value one day!

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    The Royal Oak in Bullings Heath, with its colourful and fascinatingly ” colourful ” history , is being taken down and will soon be replaced by fine new houses . Through the good offices of this blog we have all been able to learn more of the people and their times in this 19th century “beer house” .
    kind regards, and my personal thanks,

  3. Caz says:

    Hi Bob, it’s good to know that a reclamation company are demolishing the house and it will not all go to waste.Many thanks to you, David and the family for giving us an insight into the history of this old pub. it was really interesting.

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