May be? Ogley Hay infants in the early 1960s

An absolutely beautiful school photo. from Ogley Hay Infants in the early 1960s, courtesy of Janet Bullock.

Reader Janet has sent me an absolutely gorgeous school photo from the early 1960s at Ogley Hay infants in Brownhills – from the activity and dress depicted, I think this may be a May Day celebration which I believe was customary at the school at the time?

Janet Bullock wrote:

Hello Bob

This was a photo my husbands grannie use to have on her dressing table.

My husband, Gary Bullock, is the young lad on the right and they were leading the May Queen from the old Ogley infants school down the path to the playground which was behind the old Brownhills library.

He can’t remember anyone on the photo but he was only 5 or 6 and it would have been 1960/61. Does anyone else remember this or recognise anyone on the photo?

Thanks to Jaenet for a wonderful picture and a lovely enquiry – I really love these kinds of pictures and I’m sure readers will have much to say. You can comment here of mail me with your memories: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

I have a feeling there might be some overlap with the post below from Malcolm Kelly from January 2017 which I include below in full:


Ogley Hay Junior School Class 41 in 1963 – a beautifully scanned photo kindly sent in by Malcolm Kelly. Click for a larger version.

A lovely photo comes in via reader Malcolm Kelly, who’s dug out an excellent photo of Class 4A at Ogley Hay junior Schooling 1963, and is wondering if readers can help with the faces he can’t recall?

It seems there’s some overlap with the 1964 Shire Oak School photo I posted over Christmas.

Malcolm wrote:

Hi Bob,

A happy new year to you and all your many readers. I hope that you may find the attached photo of interest. It shows Ogley Hay Junior school Class 4A (Mr Riley’s class) and was taken towards the end of the school year 1963. Quite a few of the faces appear in the recent Shire Oak Grammar school picture from September 1964.

I have managed, with a lot of help from John Franklin, to put a some names to faces but it would be great if anyone could fill in the gaps or correct any mistaken identities.

The names I have are as follows reading from the top and left to right :-

Row 1 – 1)Paul Sylvester 2) Ernest Jackson 3)Graham Gardner 4) Robert Mason 5) Andrew Bullock 6) Paul Onions 7) John Aston 8) Stephen Hollender 9) Robert Woodhouse 10) Robert Matthews 11) Michael Biggins

Row 2 – 1)???? 2) Alison Baker 3) Angela Clarke 4) Sylvia Parker 5) Gillian Clift 6) Janice Edwards 7) ????
8) ???? 9) ???? 10) Ann-Marie Ashmore 11) ???? 12) Pauline Proffit 13) Glenys Wright

Row 3 – 1) ???? 2) Christine Joesbury 3) Susan Wooldridge 4) Jane Smith 5) Susan Stevens 6) Carol Alport
7) Carol Robins 8) ???? 9) Jennifer Tonks 10) Susan Brownridge 11) Maureen Holiman

Front row – 1) Michael James 2) Malcolm Kelly 3) John Franklin 4) Peter Raybould 5) ???? 6) Stephen Horton
7) ???? 8) Gary Turner.

Many thanks,
Malcolm Kelly

Previously I’ve featured an Ogley School staff image and also reader and local historian Andy Dennis has sent me a couple of lovely school group photos featuring his mother, thought to be from the 1936 sports event at Chase Terrace, which was mentioned by Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler in comments to the same post.

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9 Responses to May be? Ogley Hay infants in the early 1960s

  1. graham birch says:

    Hi, if Robert Woodhouse is still around or if anyone knows how to get in contact with him, please ask him to e-mail me. My grandmother was a Woodhouse from Brownhills.
    Regards Graham Birch.

  2. Adrian Bickley says:

    It certainly looks like May Day, although mine was a few years later, 1970 I think. The actual celebrations were held in the school “orchard” which was adjacent to the playground and only available for use when the weather was good. We used to have practice sessions dancing around the may pole in the school hall in the lead up to the event and the boys would each be paired with a girl partner. I think, other than for the school photos, it was the only occasion when the boys were required to wear their uniforms. I can’t remember how the May Queen was chosen, whether it was something we voted on. Someone else might know. On a side note, may pole dancing at an impressionable age partly accounts for the Wicker Man being one of my favourite films.

  3. Maria Barnfield says:

    I’m sure the May Queen is my sister Ann Peacock

  4. Patrick Hall says:

    I was at the school in 1962/63 for 1 year Mrs Whitehouse and Mrs Ward Davis were teachers. Great photo, The Maypole, orchard and play ground brought back many fond memories also the Slater twins, Gary cooper Gordon Bull, Paul Pinches, Kim Farley and many whose names ive sadly forgotten.

  5. Kate Dixon says:

    The May queen in this photo is my mum, Linda Horobin. She knows the other names and has some more photos of this day. I’ll share them shortly.

    • Kate Dixon says:

      My mum says 1st girl carrying the crown is Helen Parker (I think). Then my mum. Behind my mum we’re not sure of the girl on the left. Girl on right is Anne Plumb(?) There were 2 more girls behind them, one is possibly Sheila Woodhouse. Can’t see the other one clearly enough (or remember!). The previous years May Queen is Annette Wheale (not sure if spelling is correct). She had 2 attendants, the one on the left is Elizabeth Newman, not sure of other one. Someone mentioned about how the May Queen was chosen. The other children in the class voted. I have other photos + will try to find them

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  7. John Bishop says:

    I remember most of the names but I am not on the photo,my memory is shocking but maybe I was in 4b which may explain it. Is there a pupil list of what classes and what dates they attended. ? I remember Sandra Wickson (any relation to the coach company ?) and Linda Beddoe (Beddow).

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