2013 New Year competition winners!

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That’s one remarkable house, on Fosseway Lane, Pipehill. I only noticed it in the last few days. Click for a larger version. Imagery from Google Streetview.

The 2013 New Year Quiz  has now closed, and we have a winner. The final scores are as follows:

  • Fred Butler has 7 points.
  • Andy Dennis has 6 points.
  • Oakparkrunner has 4 points.
  • BrownhillsDavidNotBob has 3 points.
  • Grande Pablo has 3 points.
  • Emell has 3 points.
  • Dave Cottle has 2 points.
  • Angela Hodgkinson has 2 points.
Karen, Tim, Pedro, and Julielem have 1 apiece.

Fred is therefore the overall winner. To Fred, I will arrange a prize of a case of bottled Backyard beer. Please send me an email with your address and we can sort it out.

Similarly, I’ll sort out a prize of a 9 pint Backyard mini-keg to Andy Dennis, for being such a good sport.

I think Emell and Dave Cottle deserve prizes of local history books for their answers. The Vernon Avenue/Great Charles Street 1,000th house plaque was an odd question.

Could winners please send an email to me with their addresses and I’ll sort stuff out. Please use the same email address you answered with. My email is Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot Com.

To everyone else, I thank you for your participation and for being so up for it. If you fancy, I may do a smaller one over Easter Bank holiday. It seems a good way of getting folk involved.

Happy new year, congratulations to Fred, and thanks for your interest. I like the fact that it’s made folk taking part look a our area just a little bit more closely.


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10 Responses to 2013 New Year competition winners!

  1. warren says:

    LOL, i just posted in the competition entries (albeit about 2 hours late) the answer to question 7.
    Well done to Fred, i will make more effort next year.

  2. oakparkrunner says:

    Just to say thanks for putting on this entertaining, albeit taxing new year quiz. Congratulations to Fred for taking the overall prize, and to Andy as runner up, especially as he was in the lead right up to the final day. Look forward to a quiz over the Easter period if you concoct one. Thanks again and best regards Godfrey (oakparkrunner)

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    congratulations to all..and a very big thankyou to your goodself for taking the time and trouble to create and publish this quiz.
    kind regards

  4. Dave Edwards says:

    Well done, thanks for the fun. I could only answer the questions when prompted by other peoples correct answers, you know, …… of course it is ! ! ! , I knew that…. But I did try

  5. fred butler says:

    Thanks very much for a entertaining few days, I feel a bit of a fraud as a :” CHASETOWN” bloke winning the Brownhills quiz, especialy as I only got the 2 pointer after reading the mint sauce clue by Brownhills Dave,and my Brownhills wife Sue taking me to the SOM this morning to show me the plaque.It shows that now I have too much spare time after retirement so I need to look for some thing to do !!!!;;As requested I will send you my details,



  6. Angela Hodgkinson says:

    Congrats to the winners.

    Thanks Bob for the brilliant quiz. I only had a quick look at your 365 days of biking, trying to find answers but with such great photos I will go back and have a proper look.

  7. Question 31 – Where is the most interesting place in Brownhills?

    Answer – Here at BrownhillsBob’s Brownhills Blog!

    The quiz has been a great way to end one year and start a new one – and just the push I needed to get me out plodding those streets again (but with my eyes wide open).

  8. Andy Dennis says:

    Well done, Fred!

    And thanks again, Bob. Very generous about the extra prize!

    The great thing about this is that it has opened a few eyes, partly to things we know are out there, but couldn’t quite place because most of the time we just don’t look at the things we see.

  9. Grande Pablo says:

    Really good fun Bob – will pay to keep our eyes open in future!

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