Video of BOAK fire last night now available

The ruins of yet another piece of Walsall’s history. Picture posted by Steve Wilcox on Instagrem.

Thanks to Sergeant John De-Hayes (@resposeSGT on twitter), I can now share the following video he uploaded to YouTube. John also got a blog up, too, which is well worth a read.

I’d like to thank John and all the emergency services who fought the fire and kept the public informed last night. It really does make the world of difference to know what’s going on in that way. People increasingly turn to social media to find out what’s happening and this is an example of the emergency services using new media to the best effect.

A Flickr gallery of the fire by West Midlands Fire Service is now available too – thanks to reader Barry Carpenter for spotting that.

Sadly, yet another part of Walsall’s formerly rich architectural heritage has now been lost, presumably to arson like so many other fine buildings. Cheers to all that have commented and retweeted my posts on the subject.

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  1. l.e.e says:

    Life goes on..

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