Anchor Bridge flooding: Halfway there

My recent efforts to find out who’s actually working on the flooding issue at Anchor Bridge, and what the situation is have come to nothing. Severn Trent have clearly been doing a fair bit of work, though, and the situation has undoubtedly improved.

It’s still problematic, despite the massive improvement. Roving reporter David Evans was out and about yesterday in the deluge, and took the following pictures.

Hello Bob

Taken around 1 p.m. on 6 July 2012 .

The Knaves Court side of the road seems much better, but the other side of the road, at the pedestrian corssing and up to the bus layby is well awash… which takes the issue full circle in a way. Pedestrians using this crossing or this part of the footpath still get drenched.

And the gully at the Miner Island, behind the back of the miner, is flooded, still. This causes those drivers who suddenly find this unsepxted flood to move to their left, increasing the likelihood of them colliding with vehicles to their left hand side. Quite a hazard !



I’m told David is currently drip-drying on high ground near Shire Oak…

In the storm, the Knaves Court side is not flooded, and the far side of the road seems much better, but still problematic. 1:04pm, Friday, 6ht July 2012. Photo courtesy David Evans.

The standing water on the southbound side of the crossing is still causing vehicles to swerve outwards.. 1:05pm, Friday, 6ht July 2012. Photo courtesy David Evans.

I know that folks from Walsall Council are reading this, and I’d like to make the following point. We understand that with cuts, manpower limitations and all the other stuff going on, it isn’t possible to do everything in the timeframe we would like. We don’t expect miracles, and we try not to make frivolous complaints. What we need is information, and to know that when we do complain, stuff is being taken seriously and considered.

Progress updates, if possible, would be handy.

Remember that we’re not all rank amateurs, and some of the complainants have knowledge of the subject. When they express a view, it’s not automatically wrong. There’s a lot of residual experience, and the folk who tend to raise such complaints often understand why the thing they’re reporting is happening.

Local knowledge is useful to you here.

When things are the responsibility of other parties, like this appears to be, tell us who they are so we can chase them and get off your backs. Phoning Severn Trent on this issue has met a brick wall. A name or case number would make so much difference. Telling us stuff is being monitored without elaborating, or imparting that something is a problem for unnamed ‘developers’, just causes frustration at the inability to chase them up.

We complain about things like this because, on the whole, they’re safety issues. I found myself coming down Sandhills yesterday morning at 20 miles an hour in a river – as to be expected – to hit standing water at the bottom. A car if front of me, clearly too fast, skidded in the water. Because I was expecting it, I avoided any spills. A less experienced road user may not have done. That’s why I’d like these situations sorted.

both myself and readers here are prepared to be flexible and will help you if we can. Just communicate with us about the issues we raise. If we can communicate with each other effectively, I’m sure the standing of the authority would improve no end.

Thank you.

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  1. warren parry says:

    There does appear to be a marked improvement, well done everyone.
    On the other hand i am particularly annoyed with the developers Mansells, who have had signs up saying that the right of way would be open on the 2nd July. This is the route through from Catshill/Fullelove road to the high street. There has been no notification of delays put up, therefore many commuters have been trying to get through as a consequence.

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