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In the miasma and lacklustre of the new year illness, I received this excellent email from The Clayhanger Kid, Brian Stringer. Many readers will remember that before Christmas, I featured an article here from the Express & Star, detailing his excellent idea for a monument and information point near to the location where the Staffordshire Hoard was found. At the time, I suspected the article to be a bit scant, and Brian kindly agreed to send me a copy of his plans.

Sadly, I received the details when ill and never got around to posting them here. So here goes. For the record, I think this is a great idea and deserves our support. My views on some of the dafter ramblings around the find are well known, but I do think the site should be recorded publicly.

My best wishes to Brian, and if there’s anything I can do, please drop me a line. I promise to get the post up a bit quicker next time.

Brian’s idea for the short section of road off the Barracks Lane island, left orphaned by the M6 Toll. This is a greg idea, in my opinion. I’m sure with careful diplomacy and accommodation could be reached.

Hi Bob.

Happy New Year to all bloggers.

I thought it about time I explained myself about the E&S article, re. the [Stafforshire] Hoard.

Since it was found, several suggestions have been put forward about preserving the site. Fred [The landowner and farmer] is adamant he wants nothing on the land. Some local councillors are talking about a visitors center similar to the one at Sutton Hoo.

In the present climate I think that is a non starter so I’ve tried to come up with a cheap version for now.

Last year I asked Fred if we could put a cairn of some sort on the site. He said no. I asked if we could erect a post or flagpole or something. He said it would hinder him when he comes to plough in a couple of years time.

Then I thought of the stones at Carsington Water, and he agreed with that as it wouldn’t be on his land.

My worry is that in a few years time, the land will get ploughed over, hedges or boundaries moved and if we don’t do something in 20 years time nobody will remember where the hell the site was. Also if Fred passes on and his nephews sell the land, who’s to say in years to come we couldn’t have a housing estate or retail park there. Unlikely I know, but when I was kid, Clayhanger Lane was green belt and no one could build there, we were constantly told. Now look at it.

I just feel that Brownhills should just hang on to something, despite the apathy of the big Bird and his lot.

I have made an amateurish attempt to clarify my idea and I hope you can grasp the idea.

The hole through the centre of the plinth would focus on the centre of the site.

Information plaques and pictures could be put on the plinth or extra hoardings.

The whole road stub could be cleaned up and a small car park incorporated.

Hope drawings show up OK.


Brian’s idea for a monument. I think this is an excellent example of thinking past the limitations imposed. Top stuff.

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22 Responses to A golden idea

  1. wendy collins says:

    Fabulous idea. Simple and classy.

  2. Pat McSweeney says:

    Knaves Castle or the site of could also be mentioned as it is nearby full marks
    to Brian top chap knew him when we both worked in Aldridge.
    Regards Pat.

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    an excellent idea..As Brian says, a lot could happen to the site.. worth having a permanent reminder. Also,call the site “The Saxon field” or something so that the name, place and identity will be passed down through future generations. .
    Well done Brian

  4. Ian says:

    Someone should approach the M6 Toll asking them to sponsor it. I think they would.

  5. I Turner says:

    I don’t want to put a ‘downer’ on this idea. But, if you open the gate and proceed down the old Lichfield Rd, where Fred’s Hoard field ends it abutts another area that has been bought by a gypsy family. All the buildings have been demolished and the whole area flattened ( as seen from the A5). An application has been submitted for change of use to ‘grazing for horses’ but why flatten and level the ground ? To enable caravans to be parked there right next to the Hoard field ?

    • Mostly speculation. The land is owned legally, and it’s up to the landowner what they do with it provided it’s legal. Scaremongering isn’t helpful or constructive.


      • Whilst Fred lives in Brownhills, the Walsall/Staffs boundary runs down the centre of Barracks Lane so his ‘Hoard’ field is actually in Staffordshire.
        Re. speculation and scaremongering, check out the Lichfield DC website and planning application 12/00165/FUL. Sorry, but this is all factual

        • Your original post contained scaremongering speculation, as does much of the press coverage. The people in ownership of the land have made an application and have done nothing underhand or illegal. The application should be considered on it’s merits as any other would be.

          Caravans next to the hoard field? It’s in the shadow of a motorway, iron foundry, an existing caravan park and a piggery. So what?

          Please do not use my identity when replying to posts. Any more of that, and I’ll put your comments on permanent pre moderation.


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