The Thacker family, around 1930

Top local history fellow David Evans is currently beavering away on a few projects in the background, and the other day I posted up a taster for his Streets Corner research. Today, I can give you something David is researching that has for him both a personal and very topical local connection: The Thacker Family, who farmed and lived the land where Highfield House stood, occupied the land south of Chasewater for years.

I’m immediately wondering if this is the same Thacker family as the famous Thacker Barrows…

David says 'Just checked with cousin Cyril. Not sure what the function was, could have been somebodys birthday or a church do. Will ask again tomorrow. Probable date early 1930s before uncle Cyril got married in 1934.'

David had this to say:

Hi Bob

Please find attached a photo of Mr Thacker sitting with his wife to his left, and their family of eight sons. I belive the photo was taken at a friend’s house in Hednesford Road, at a family function, and not at their farm. I am grateful to Mr Cyril Thacker, son of the gentleman seated second from left on the front row, for kindly offering this image to the blog

with kind regards


If you have any other information relating to Highfield Farm or the Thacker family in general, both myself and David would only be too happy to hear it. Comment here, or email if you prefer on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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9 Responses to The Thacker family, around 1930

  1. pedro says:

    Lichfield Mercury Feb 28, 1902…

    Sale by auction at Highfield Farm, Walsall Wood.

    3 horses, in-milk cow, 30 tons of potatoes, 23 couples fowls, and a quantity of farm instruments.

    Regards Pedro

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Pedro
    I think this may have been the other Highfield, near the Horse and Jockey pub, perhaps.

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  6. jenny blake says:

    Hi there my gran is 82 and her uncle was fred thacker. I believe he started thacker barrows.

  7. Regarding Highfield Farm: I have just discovered whilst researching my family tree the following information which I thought I’d share ..
    Samuel Thacker (1844-1907), my 4th Great Uncle, must have purchased the farm between 1891 (when he was listed on census as a coal miner) and 1901 (where he is listed as a farmer with his own account). His probate says ‘Samuel Thacker, the elder, of Highfield Farm, Brownhills, Staffordshire, died 28 March 1907, probate to Samuel Thacker and John Thacker, farmers, Effects £281 17s 9d.

    Still finding out more information about the family so if anything is relevant to the farm I will add !

  8. Simon says:

    Hi would anyone know if one of the son’s would have had a daughter named Ethel thacker born 22nd March 1919. Thanks

  9. Steven Jolly says:

    Hi all I remember as a kid hanging around on the Wilkin estate with a Keith thacker is he still around

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