Deer waters rising…

A lovely video here posted on Facebook in the last couple of days by Anna Marie Davies which she recorded of red deer bathing in the canal near Anglesey Wharf, just beyond the M6 Toll Bridge near Wharf Lane, Brownhills.

Deer like to bathe all year around, but particularly at the moment as they’re mounting and their shedding winter coats cause irritation, the water helps to remove the old fur and ease the skin.

This isn’t the first time local deer have been recorded going for a swim. Peri-urban deer expert Jochen Langbein recorded these animals having high jinx at Chasewater a few years ago. You can see that film in this post here.

A still capturing the moment a stag chases a group of females through the water at the local reservoir. Image snipped from a video included below with kind permission of Jochen Langbein.

Thanks to Anna for a lovely film and a reminder that although we think of our town as being quite urban, we have a whole host of fascinating wildlife right here on our doorsteps.

Meanwhile, a quick public service announcement: Sorry folks I’ve been very busy the last couple of weeks and this weekend I’ve been absolutely exhausted, so not had much time for the blog. My apologies for this, it’s not permanent I’m just getting older (the blog is ten years old in a few weeks) and I’ve not the energy I used to have. Please bear with me for a while.

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