Deer water chase at Chasewater…


A still capturing the moment a stag chases a group of females through the water at the local reservoir. Image snipped from a video included below with kind permission of Jochen Langbein.

You’ll remember a few days ago I cautioned local folk – especially dog walkers – to beware of the deer at the moment as the rut was getting underway, and they’d be a whole lot less tolerant as the hormones did their thing – well, I wasn’t wrong. As the video here shows, deer romance is well underway at Chasewater, with remarkable footage captured today by deer expert Jochen Langbein.

Jochen is well known for his work with wildlife, and is considered to be an authority on the subject of cervines, particularly the peri-urban deer that dwell on the borders of town and country as they do around our area.

Jochen had this to say about his film:

Hi Bob,

Thought you would like that footage –  I was amazed to get that as only had two hours at Chasewater, after doing some work with Rob @chaseranger during the day.

A rare view of ‘Deer Chasing through water at Chasewater’, in the Midlands. Filmed yesterday as the rut begins. Here as in many country parks and forests its important for people watching and photographing the rut of red, fallow and sika deer at this time of year, to do so at a distance; and always aim to avoid the deer from ever becoming surrounded with people on several sides to give them space to mate in peace.

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Sound advice from an expert there – and Jochen really does some outstanding work; you can visit his Deertails blog here which is always wonderful, or visit the YouTube channel here. If you’re as into wildlife as I am, you’ll burn up hours of time on that.

You can also follow Jochen on Twitter here.

Thanks to Jochen and please, respect the local deer. They’re big animals and not the sharpest tools in the box when they’ve got romance on their minds…

This video is © Jochen Langbein, and can be seen on YouTube here.

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