2016 Christmas bin collection information

It’s all here, folks. Click for a larger version.

Hi folks – I’m getting a lot of enquiries regarding Christmas bin collection arrangements in the borough of Walsall, and thought I’d post the official guidance for those that seem concerned about when the guys in orange will come and collect their rubbish.

In a nutshell, collections go weekly for both grey and green bins until Friday 13th January 2017. If your collection is usually a Monday, you’ll not have a collection on Boxing Day, but will on January 2nd, a week later.

Extra bagged waste WILL NOT be taken this year as extra collections are laid on.

If you’re confused as to which your collection day actually is, click here to use the postcode checker on the council website – it works a treat and will tell you exactly when to put out which bin.

Note that the only day the refuse service doesn’t operate is Boxing Day.

Hope that helps clarify things – folks seem to get a bit worked up about Christmas bin collections…

Of course, if the winds get up again, your bin could well put itself out… Image from My Writer’s Circle.
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  • Vicky

    Thanks for sharing

  • Jayne Hiley

    We all have timetables with collections hi lighted but thanks for the reminder!

    • Judging by the enquiries I’ve had many seem to misplace them. I suspect many folk aren’t as on the ball.



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