Clayhanger spring clean – a great success!


Great volunteers doing a wonderful job. Image kindly supplied by Laura Terry.

Just a note to interested readers that on the wonderful Madwblog, there’s a great write-up and gallery of images of the Clayhanger Spring Clean that took place this morning (Saturday 19th March 2016) in the village, where some excellent community-mined folk came together to do a litter pick and show their village some love.

Like the Brownhills Big Tidy a few weeks ago, it was nice to see an event organised that was free of political stunts, and wholly for the community. And to top it all, the volunteers did a fantastic job.

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I’m really loving what Madwblog is up to. Click the image to read the account of a great community event!

As I’ve said before here, it’s sad there’s a need for volunteers to do this sort of thing, but while there is I salute anyone who takes it upon themselves to clean and care for the place they live and love. My thanks and respect to all, but particularly Helen and Area Manager Laura Terry who really worked hard to get this off the ground and make it happen.

A second summer event is in the pipeline, too!

Now, if we could get the messy buggers who cause the problem to stop dropping litter in the first place, that’s be great…

Click here or on the screenshot to read all about it and view the gallery


What a fine bunch of folk! Image kindly supplied by Laura Terry.

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3 Responses to Clayhanger spring clean – a great success!

  1. Edwina. says:

    It really is sad that these folk should have to do this. Firstly the people who are responsible for dropping litter should be made to clean and area somewhere as well as a small fine, I’m sure it could be organised somewhere by the Government of the day. Secondly, who indeed are the people responsible and do they have no pride in their little village? What a state this country is coming to….. I’m beginning to sound like my Mom now …

  2. Clive says:

    Big thank you to the folk that cleaned the litter up, you have done a grand job.

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