2016 New Year Quiz results


This frog caused some head scratching. He’s actually part of a large, bright mural on the back of the Ranger’s Hut at Chasewater. I have no idea who painted it or what the story is…

Well, this year’s quiz is complete, and we have winners – thanks for taking part, being good sports and for persevering with what were, on reflection, very tough questions!

As usual, the ones I thought were hard went quickly, the easy ones, not so much.

Next year, if there’s an appetite for another quiz – and I invite comment on that – I’ll endeavour to get it out earlier, when everyone is still on holiday. Sorry, this time the sheer weight of other stuff going on defeated me.

This year the quiz was in two parts, the first for researchers and the second for explorers, and the results for each part showed differing aptitudes amongst the readers…

Part one
Lynn 7
Victoria Owens 5
Dennis Jones 4
Clive 3
David Evans 3
Brownhills David not Bob
Peter Cutler 1
Part two
Clive 8
Andy Dennis 4
David Evans 4
Jane Mansfield 4
Lynn 4
Christine 1
Tim Jones 1

I’ve embedded the spreadsheet of results below.

Lynn won part one, and wins a mini-keg of Backyard ale, as does Clive, who was astoundingly good in part two. Both of you put up a huge effort.

In addition, I’ll give both of you a book prize each: Lynn said she hadn’t got a copy of the Blue Shelfield Mayo book, and I have a spare: it’s yours. I’ll be in touch with Clive to see what he’d like.

I think also Denis Jones deserves a book for being so quick off the mark, and Jane Mansfield who clearly looked around her neighbourhood with open eyes.


Bridges always make good questions, and we’ve got so many of the things…

I’ll be in touch with the winners by next weekend, so your prizes should be out in a week’s time.

Thanks to everyone for being up for it, and not taking things too seriously. I agonise over these quizzes and like to be fair – so if I’ve made any glaring errors or  suchlike please do get in touch.

Again, thanks, it was great fun. Comment here with your thoughts or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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7 Responses to 2016 New Year Quiz results

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    And a huge thanks to you for all the time and sheer hard work you have put in to this quiz..

  2. Clive says:

    Cheers Bob, enjoyed the quiz.

  3. Thanks Bob
    A brilliant start to the year!

  4. Jane Mansfield says:

    I’ll be back….

  5. Victoria Owens says:

    Thanks, Bob, for setting the questions – huge fun! All good wishes for 2016.

  6. Denis Jones says:

    Thanks for setting those fiendish questions most enjoyable.

  7. Clive says:

    Hi Bob. Thanks for setting up the quiz, enjoyed taking part.

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