Pictures from the 2015 Brownhills Canalside Festival


This charming lady posed wonderfully for the camera… one of the many lovely stalls and attractions.

Sadly, the sun didn’t make it along until late in the day, but even without the sunshine it was a great event – Brownhills Canalside Festival was back for 2015, and with Brian Stringer at the helm, it was a a great event and a wonderful thing for the local community.

I genuinely enjoyed it today – and there were plenty of folk there, too – including a few old mates. There was plenty to look at and do, and some really great music and entertainment to boot.

My favourite remains Armitage Bird of Prey Centre, who I’ve seen at several events now. Those birds are gorgeous, and so well cared for.

The young David Evans also popped along, and this is a mixture of his and my photos. He really did a spiffing job… cheers, David.

My sincere thanks to Brian Stringer and all the people who worked so hard for doing us proud – and of course to the boaters, stallholders and general public who came out too!

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  1. Clive says:

    Great Canal Festival, well done to all involved.

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