Aldridge Brownhills election hustings – on tonight!


Aldridge Community Centre: image from What’s on Walsall.

Here’s a great thing from Russell Smith, the human dynamo behind the very successful Aldridge Community Cinema project. Russell has organised a hustings for the Aldridge-Brownhills parliamentary constituency, where candidates to be our next MP have been invited to attend and take questions from members of the public.

The event is free to attend, and takes place tonight (Friday, 24th April 2015) from 7:15pm at Aldridge Community Centre. You can check out the event’s Facebook page here.

To my knowledge, this has never been done before in our constituency, and I strongly suggest this will be of great interest to any voter who wants to know more about the options available. Many will know of my previous concerns, and this is and excellent chance to find out how candidates will respond to issues that concern you.

Aldridge-Brownhills covers a large area, including Pelsall and Streetly, too.

I salute Russell for taking it upon himself to organise such a worthwhile and community spirited event. Well played, sir, well played.

Russell said:

Hi Bob

I have now invited all candidates as of now, and any new ones up to 9 April I will add.

We have had a good response from candidates and I have booked the Community Centre for Friday evening 24 April, which can seat up to around 150.

I have put an event open to public on facebook and will start my promoting this week.

Who are they?

An opportunity for the Aldridge-Brownhills Voters to find out about our General Election candidates

When: 24 April 2015 – doors open at 7.15pm, questions start at 8pm
Where: Aldridge Community Centre, Middlemore Lane, WS9 8AN
Who: Anyone interested to hear our candidates answer our questions

What: All prospective parliamentary candidates for Aldridge Brownhills have been invited to take the stage and respond to questions from the audience.

This event is being organised by a group of local residents with no political agenda, who want to find out about the people offering to represent Aldridge-Brownhills in place of Sir Richard. Everyone who has a vote can make a difference.

There is no charge for entry and any donations received will be passed to Aldridge Central Community Association (charity registration number 522596) in respect of the costs of the venue.

If you want to get involved in arranging the event, please contact us via the email address

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2 Responses to Aldridge Brownhills election hustings – on tonight!

  1. tkevcro says:

    They may invited but will they turn up :-I

    • Yes, I’m reliably informed that all turned up except for the Monster Raving Loony candidate.

      I could actually go for him as he wants to ban all right turns at Shire OAk.

      Since you (again) submitted the same comment twice, I take the first as I explained. Patience is a virtue, as I believe I also explained.

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