Tadah… it’s the 2015 New year quiz!

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It’s been a long time in the making, but great fun – here it is, the Brownhills Blog New Year 2015 quiz. Get stuck in and see if you can win! Last year’s was a great success, so I’ve made this one a bit tougher and hopefully better…

Answers to most of the questions can be found in the past articles of this blog, my 365daysofbiking tumblr, or by going for a walk and exploring. I have included lots of reference questions, so that those living locally and those distant both have a fair crack.

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In order to curtail the picture googlers amongst us, the pictures here are all original except for a couple.

Many questions can be answered using Google Streetview, too. Think laterally. Wikipedia may be handy, as will the search box on the right.

If an answer seems obvious, it probably is…


The quiz is now an annual tradition here. Have fun, and see what you can find.

This year, there is of course a case of Backyard Beer (or something nice to equal value if you’re a non-drinker) to the winner. But there is also an original copy of ‘Brownhills: A walk into history’ up for grabs (battered; but rare), as well as other local books and goodies.

To give everyone a sporting chance, comments will not open until 12 noon tomorrow, 31st December 2014. Answers will close at 9pm, Sunday 4th January 2015. If many remain unanswered, I’ll award the prize and leave the remainder open for spot prizes.

Points will be awarded to the first person to comment the correct answer to any question. All questions worth one point unless stated. After that, no points will be handed out for answering it again. I will tot up the scores as we go. Answers will only be accepted as comments to this post, and my decision will be open and final.

Remember to include the number of the question in your comment, otherwise it won’t be counted! Answers will only be accepted as comments here – any on Facebook, Twatter or via email will be ignored.

Don’t worry if your comment is held in moderation, I will take the submission time if necessary.

I don’t expect anyone to get lots right. I think the questions are diverse enough that a fairly low score might well win – so do have a go. If the result is a draw, I’ll hold a tie breaker. What form that will take will depend on the result. Please just take a punt, and have fun.

All images are local – that means Brownhills, Walsall Wood, Stonnall, etc.

Good luck!

2015 Quiz18

Q1: Where is this detail above?

Q2:What was Superintendent Smith offered in 1951, and by whom?

2015 Quiz31

Q3: Above, wrought ironwork I’m fairly sure survived the war effort. Where?

2015 Quiz6

Q4: Finials apparently stop the devil from sitting on the roof. Which roof won’t Satan be sitting on here?

Q5: Fred J. Dixon was in deep discussion with G.H. Boulter in 1921. What about?

Q6: For a point, list me the locations of any four telephone boxes in Brownhills and Walsall wood that no longer exist.

2015 Quiz3

Q7: A fine weathervane, and one I’d be proud to have. Where is it?

2015 Quiz17

Q8: Double pillars. Where?

2015 Quiz33

Q9: A happy lady wearing a remarkable hat. Who was she and what was the event?

Q10: According to Snape, how many houses and how many inhabitants were in ‘Bacon Street Ward’?

2015 Quiz13

Q11: Where did I spot the above, brilliant nativity?Number and name of the place, please.

Q12: What bizarre mechanical failure did my bike suffer this spring, that I’d never seen before and I hope never to do so again?

2015 Quiz29Q13: The hill at the top of the Black Path as it leads to the A5 was known by my generation in the 60s & 70s by a different name. What was it?

2015 Quiz32Q14: Whose ad? What was their name and telephone number?

2015 Quiz19Q15: What text has been blanked out here?

Q16: Where did Doris go, and what must she take and wear?

Q17: Who is a ‘decent mate but an idle sod’?

2015 Quiz30

Q18: The above is a monitoring borehole, where geeky technicians take water samples. Where is it? Approximate location sufficient.

2015 Quiz21

Q19: Where is this concertina door?

2015 Quiz8Q20: An unusual faux-keystone. Where is it?

Q21: ‘He’s a nice lad, but he ay never right!’ – who?

Q22: What bizarre ‘celebration dinner’ took place at the Station Hotel in March, 1889?

2015 Quiz26Q23: An arched window. Where is it?

2015 Quiz10

Q24: Where is this decaying parcel carriage?

2015 Quiz2

Q25: Handsome twisted chimneys. What was the former use of the building they adorn, before it was a house?

2015 Quiz4

Q26: Who, and what’s the date? This is the right way up and exactly as carved.

Q27: What briefly appeared at Chasewater this year?

Q28: What was the name of the Bassett Hound that was lost and found?

2015 Quiz16

Q29: I reckon this is easy. What is it, and where?

2015 Quiz22

Q30: Not so easy. What an where is the decaying metalwork above?

Q31: Who won the Solo Bahn record at Chasewater Stadium in 1977?

Q32: Who never saw their magpie again?

2015 Quiz23

Q33: What (exact, please) distance is obscured?

Q34: When Gerald Reece came calling, who did I hope had the kettle warming up, and find myself wishing for cake?

2015 Quiz11

Q35: This sign is unremarkable. It replaced an earlier one that was. Why?

2015 Quiz28

Q36: Complex metalwork. Where?

2015 Quiz24

Q37: A des-res smoking shelter. Where might I find it?

Q38: List me five members of the Red Lions tug of war team (1 point only!)

2015 Quiz15Q39: Where is Walter Jones’ grave?

2015 Quiz9

Q40: Where is his building?
Q41: why did it have a round aperture?

Q42: Where did I spot a dummy goat?

Q43: Where is Ketch Field in Brownhills recorded?

2015 Quiz20

Q44: What was lost. But what are the names obscured? (1 point only)

2015 Quiz7

Q45: Where is the above indicator?
Q46: What does it indicate?

Q47: How much was spent on the treat for the choir?

2015 Quiz1Q48: A handsome gable end. Where did I see it?

2015 Quiz12

Q49: What is this pipe for?

2015 Quiz25

Q50: A gutter that will be familiar to many. Where is it?

2015 Quiz27

Q51: Where is this roofline?

Q52: Who did a young Mick Stackhouse get into a fight with?

2015 Quiz34

Q53: A well known doorway for some. Where is it?

2015 Quiz35

Q54: What’s this?
Q55: Where did it come from?

Q56: It was maintained by the friends, but it doesn’t seem to have any anymore. Except me. What am I talking about?

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254 Responses to Tadah… it’s the 2015 New year quiz!

  1. Peter says:

    Q53. The Walsall Wood Primary School
    Q35. The previous sign had an apostrophe incorrectly used
    Q25. Stonnal, was previously a school house / school
    Q19. Old Loading bay door at the back of Ravenscourt precinct
    Q8. Silver Court Precinct
    Q1. On the Display outside Farm Foods as you turn in towards the back of Tesco

    • Hi Peter

      Q53 Ambiguous, can you elaborate please?
      Q35 Nope
      Q25 Nope, but you’re at the right end of the area
      Q19 Yes! Well done
      Q8 Yes! Another point
      Q1 I’ll give you that, yes; it’s the coal narrowboat on the Brownhills Sign on the corner of Silver Street outside Farm foods

      You have 3 points.

  2. peter says:

    Q53. School at Streets Corner, old classroom that then went onto form part of the previous youth Club?
    Q35. The sign stated Queens Street with an “s” and an apostrophe?

  3. peter says:

    Q49. Levels of gas coming from the tip alongside the Vigo and Coppice Lane?

  4. Kate says:

    5 Proposed sandhills pumping station
    8 Silver Court (damn it, peter beat me)
    12 Non drive side crank sheared on the pedal thread
    16 Cleethorpes, emulsion, plenty of clothing
    17 Train driver from the 2Fireman’s Song”
    21 Matthew carter?
    27 Rare black swan
    31 Peter (?) Collins
    35 There was a misspelling previously – formerley or formally?
    42 Roof of the Wharf/Waterfront Flats off Marst street Walsall
    46 Tell-tale to measure whether a crack in a wall is getting wider
    52 John Powis

    • Q5 Need more detail please
      Q8 🙂
      Q12 Yes! Well done!
      Q16 Yes! Brilliant!
      Q21 Yes, extraordinary filmmaker behind Black Country Cinema
      Q27 Yes!
      Q31 No…
      Q35 Yup – I’d expect you to get that
      Q42 Yes. A plastic goat on the flat roof
      Q46 Yes, a subsidence indicator
      Q52 No, but I’m listening to why you gave that answer

      Kate, 7 points!

  5. Peter says:

    Q38. Joey Butler, Dennis Devine, Tony Salt, Tony Birch, Trevor Burgess,

  6. Really, really surprised nobody has snatched q26

  7. peter says:

    Q25. Previously a garage in Stonnall?

    • Yes, well done: on the corner of Main Street and Wall Heath Lane. The chimneys are not original, rebuilt in the 1990s I think when it was converted to a house.

      You got 6 points

  8. Kate says:

    On 52, I got that from Mick’s blog. He mentioned John as his childhood friend who he had a fight with one day. I’ll try to find it again.

  9. peter says:

    Q49. Levels of gas coming from the tip opposite Jockey Fields towards the Irondish?

  10. peter says:

    Q29. Metal Formed artwork on the wall opposite the Warreners Arms? produced or designed by local school children?

  11. Kate says:

    49 – to control levels of methane and let methane out?

  12. David Evans says:

    here goes
    6 phones..by Wessex close, opposite kiwi fit, shire oak junction, salters road. y laburnum road, walsall wood
    8 silver court shops extension of
    12 bost a spoke..Trevs on. shall of Trev who’s probably tiddly at the moment
    18 Clayhanger by the sewage pump..
    23 hall lane walsall wood new house by the billings canal
    26 John smith lower stop all farm 1727 from memory
    35 the canal bridge bottom of queen agree walsall wood was closed when the new flats were put up

    40 the copy it winding house walsal wood
    41 to allow the cable to pass one rom the drum to the winding hear
    50 the alleyway by trevs barbers Walsall wood
    tang Trev wants half of the beer if his answers wins. XXXX to that, mate

    excellent quiz

    • Kate says:

      I think there was a phone box at the jct of Chase Rd/Lichfield Rd too?

    • Q6 – the one opposite Kwik-Fit still exists so I need another
      Q8 – yes, taken by Peter
      Q12 – nope, crank sheared as described by Kate who bagged that one
      Q18 – nope
      Q23 – no, and I’m surprised you haven’t recognised it
      Q26 – wrong date
      Q35 – Kate bagged that. The previous sign had a rather grim spelling mistake
      Q40 – Yes! Bang on. Now a commercial unit
      Q41 – Yes, correct
      Q50 – wrong end of town, sorry

      David, you have 2 points – a valiant effort, and my compliments to Trev!

  13. Kate says:

    31 O Ohlsen? It would help if i understood the scoring etc 🙂

  14. Kate says:

    5 – Mr Boulter was concerned that the pumping station would adversely affect the borehole and well used by the brewery at Shire Oak. Is that enough?

  15. Kate says:

    52 – I’ll try David Hollingsworth this time.

  16. Hi folks.

    Currently indisposed, but good answers coming in. Keep going, I’ll tot up this evening!


  17. Clive says:

    q26; Grange farm lower Stonnall 1747

  18. Andy Dennis says:

    Q13 Hedgeside
    Q6 Chester Road, near Anchor Inn, going towards Shire Oak, left side; outside Howdles Lane shops; Chase Road / Lichfield Road, by entrance to Avenues; opposite White Horse.

    • Yes – you’ve made a good start. You take Q6.

      I’d forgotten the Hedgeside name for that area, us kids knew it as something else, but I’ll give you a point for that. Q13 is still open.

      You have 2 points.

  19. Clive says:

    q26; i should of added John Smith

  20. Andy Dennis says:

    Q27 Also a bewick’s swan (9 Dec – Chasewater Wildlife Group).

  21. Caz says:

    q28 Narla

  22. Andy Dennis says:

    Q9. Lizzie Jackson, I believe – guest at wedding of Walter Yates and Annie Baker, 1910 – in These are not well-to-do folk.

  23. Clive says:

    q8; Silver Court shops
    q12; Nut on handle bars broke…lol
    q19; loading bay at the back of Ravens Court
    q53; Walsall Wood infant school (now youth club)
    q49; water sampling well

    • Q8 – correct, taken by Peter
      Q12 – many problems caused by the nut on the handlebars, but not this time!
      Q19 – Yup, again pipped by Peter
      Q53 – Yes, Peter nailed it again
      Q49 – Yes, that’s what it is, but where?

      You still have 1 point

  24. Kate says:

    56 – wild guess since the question was rather oblique – I’ll go with the old bowling green at Oak Park since you mention it quite often.

    • q56 – Good guess, but no. I like the thinking, though, and you’re on the right track

      • Kate says:

        South Wigston station in Leicester from tumblr? It ain’t local though. If not, I’ll go for Kings Hill Fields in Darlo. ps I have now read enough of your digital presence to last me for years.

        • Yes, that’s it. I’ve always, always loved the flowers there; they are gorgeous, and this summer as you discovered, I found the ‘Maintained by the friends of South Winston Staion’ plaque, buried in the undergrowth.

          Not I said all /images/ were local.


  25. Andy Dennis says:

    Q43. Ketch Field is named on the 1840 tithe map featured in Tenths.

  26. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q3 Watling Street Primary School corner of The Parade and Watling Street. Railings where taken up and melted down during WWII, these survived

  27. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q 14 M. W. Roberts 0543 374279

  28. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q22 to honour L. Col. John Harrison losing the council election

  29. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q31 Anders Michanek in a time of 25.8 seconds

  30. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q34 Brownhills debating society and you were hoping for battenburg

    • Yes! Spot on. This comes from a quote by Gerald Reece in the epilogue to ‘A walk into history’ where he says:

      ‘In the tradition of most local history writers, I have included a selection of deliberate mistakes. These are obligatory for the academic student to analyse and for the Brownhills Debating Society to expound upon over their cups on a rainy Sunday afternoon.’

      Which is why I like Gerald so much.

      4 points.

  31. Clive says:

    q40; Maybrook estate ( site of coppy pit)
    q41; outlet for winding engine cable

  32. Andy Dennis says:

    Q49. Collection and flaring of landfill gas. Vigo / Utopia?

    • Yes, I’ll give you that. It’s a borehole takeoff at the Vigo Utopia. Connected to a hose periodically and used to feed the gas turbine electricity generator to supply power to the grid from the landfill gas. Both Vigo Utopia and Highfields South harvest the gas this way. Both have featured on 365 days.

      6 points

  33. Clive says:

    Q44; Ative Training; Ansapet Supplies; Saigon nails; Personel touch.

  34. Clive says:

    Q51; St Johns Church, Walsall Wood

  35. Clive says:

    Q56; Brownhills Plaque dedicated to those that were involved in the wars

  36. Clive says:

    Q54; Key stone from archway.

  37. Clive says:

    Q51; Warreners arms, Brownhills

  38. Right – scores on the doors:

    Kate – 9 points
    Peter – 7 points
    Andy Dennis – 6 points
    Tony Jakeman – 4 points
    Clive – 3 points
    David Evans – 2 points
    Caz – 1 point

    A spreadsheet of the results is here:

    It really is all to play for now. All these questions are still open:

    Q2 Supt. Smith
    Q4 Finial
    Q7 Weathervane
    Q10 Snape
    Q11 Woolly nativity
    Q13 Black path
    Q15 Brownhills in bloom
    Q18 Borehole location
    Q20 Keystone
    Q22 Celebration dinner
    Q23 Arched window
    Q24 Carriage
    Q30 Decaying metalwork
    Q32 Magpie
    Q33 Distance
    Q36 Complex metalwork
    Q37 Shelter
    Q39 Walter Jones
    Q45 Indicator – where?
    Q47 Treat for the choir
    Q48 Gable end
    Q50 Gutter
    Q51 Roofline
    Q52 Mick Stackhouse fight
    Q55 Object’s origin
    Q56 Friends

    Really shocked that some haven’t gone, particularly Q2,Q4,Q10,Q20,Q23,Q32,Q36,Q47 & Q56

    The answers are out there. I will give a bonus prize to anyone finding the Nativity, Walter Jones and the Borehole.

    Come on, this could be anyone’s now…

    Cheers for being good sports

  39. Clive says:

    Q23; Engine Lane, Chapel converted into dwellings

  40. Kate says:

    10 – I’ll try 89

  41. Kate says:

    15 A.E. Poxon’s? If not aaargh, that’s on one of them!

  42. Clive says:

    Q23; Coppice Lane, Chapel converted into dwellings

  43. Kate says:

    22 A dinner was given in honour of Captain Harrison losing the Council election

  44. Kate says:

    grrrr! So I’ll go find it again then

    • Kate says:

      Later in March of 1889 during a celebration dinner at the Station Hotel, given in honour of him losing the Council election, Captain WB Harrison was reported to have said…

      ‘…Brownhills and the immediate neighbourhood owed a great deal to the energy and pluck that his father displayed in that place, which at one time was practically a desert. It was perfectly true that his father introduced certain improvements to the workings of the collieries. His father had been a working man who rose from an humble origin, and entirely by his industry and perseverance acquired a position which any man might be proud of.’ (Cheers)


  45. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q47 10 shillings

  46. Kate says:

    32 Dickie (who Audrey knew)

  47. Clive says:

    Q45; Wilkin Inn, Brownhills West

  48. Pedro says:

    Q32….Who never saw their magpie again?

    At first I thought it may be Alan Pardew, but of course as Audrey Proffit tells us it was Dickie!

    One for sorrow, two…


  49. Clive says:

    Q37; Lichfield Library

  50. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q2 A couple of pedal cycle rubbers that fell off the back of a lorry

  51. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q2 Curious. Supt Smith made a statement in court, but the rubbers where offered to PC Dutton-Smith by an unnamed offender at the offenders home

  52. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q10 71 houses and 372 inhabitants

  53. Tony Jakeman says:

    way way back up at the top Kate gave what I think is the right answer to Q17 but I don’t think you added the point

  54. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q4 The Valve house on top of Chasewater Dam is safe from Satanic intrusion thanks to the finial

  55. Current scores

    Kate – 11 points
    Tony Jakeman – 9 points
    Peter – 7 points
    Andy Dennis – 6 points
    Clive – 4 points
    David Evans – 2 points
    Caz – 1 point

    These questions are still for the taking

    Q7 Weathervane
    Q11 Woolly nativity
    Q13 Black path
    Q15 Brownhills in bloom
    Q18 Borehole location
    Q20 Keystone
    Q24 Carriage
    Q30 Decaying metalwork
    Q33 Distance
    Q36 Complex metalwork
    Q37 Shelter
    Q39 Walter Jones
    Q45 Indicator – where?
    Q48 Gable end
    Q50 Gutter
    Q51 Roofline
    Q52 Mick Stackhouse fight
    Q55 Object’s origin
    Q56 Friends

    Some of these I think are easy, and several could be solved with a stroll or ride around. The Nativity is in Walsall Woos. I am astounded q24 hasn’t gone. Lots of you pass it all the time. Likewise, q36 is very public as is q48.

    This is anybody’s right now – thanks for the entries and cheers for being good sports

  56. Andy Dennis says:

    Q37. Hussey Arms?

  57. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    from Trev;-who is slumming it on an Australian beach temp 38C Poor chap!
    q 36..the gate into Holland Park. near the libary…turnstile thing.

  58. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    q 37 shelter
    by the Royal Exchange pub in Walsall Wood?

  59. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q20 The Wheel Inn Lindon Road

  60. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q51 Park View Centre Brownhills. Picture taken from Chester Road North/Parade Bus stop, approximately

  61. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q15 St John’s Church Cemetery Brookland Road Walsall Wood. We visited Walter and Gertrude to find them

    • Well done. For the legwork, you win a spot prize. I’ll sort a selection of books over the weekend you can choose from. Impressed. You got the number wrong, but just once, I’ll let it pass…

      You have 12 points.

  62. lynn says:

    Q15 sliver award Brownhills in Bloom
    Q24 carriage Maybrook
    Q55 Brick from St John’s school

  63. lynn says:

    Q18 next to canal

  64. Kate says:

    37 I’ll guess The Crown

  65. Kate says:

    39 – shamelessly stolen from Tony who got the number wrong – St John’s Church cemetery in Brookland Road

  66. Clive says:

    Q13; The spot
    Q33; 6 miles
    Q37; Hussey Arms

  67. Clive says:

    Q37; Smithy forge

  68. lynn says:

    Q37 Soldier of Mutton
    Q56 Brownhills common

  69. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q13 Back Path
    Q15 A.E. Poxons

  70. Andy Dennis says:

    Q37. Not sure why I think this might be right, but round the back of Wilko / Specsavers?

  71. Current scores – last year’s champion Tony takes the lead!

    Tony Jakeman – 12 points
    Kate – 11 points
    Peter – 7 points
    Andy Dennis – 6 points
    Clive – 4 points
    David Evans – 2 points
    Caz – 1 point
    Trev in Aus – 1 point
    Lynn – 1 point

    These questions are still for the taking

    Q7 Weathervane
    Q11 Woolly nativity
    Q13 Black path
    Q15 Brownhills in bloom
    Q18 Borehole location
    Q24 Carriage
    Q30 Decaying metalwork
    Q33 Distance
    Q37 Shelter
    Q45 Indicator – where?
    Q48 Gable end
    Q50 Gutter
    Q52 Mick Stackhouse fight
    Q56 Friends

    Cheers for playing along!


  72. Kate says:

    15 Silver gilt?

  73. Kate says:

    37 The Memo?

  74. Kate says:

    37 aaaaarghhhhh! If not a pub then I’ll go with Aldi, Tesco or Wilkos!

  75. medici2471 says:

    I’ve studied your excellent quiz questions in detail and can’t answer a single one of them, so good luck and respect to the winner. Hard work MrB, good stuff.

    • To be fair, several outstanding can be resolved using either 365 days or the blog’s own search boxes

      One or two require going and physically looking

      the remainder – probably local knowledge, or Streetview


  76. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q33 Coppice Lane

    • You are correct. Your street view skills are ace. But… it wasn’t actually that sign.

      I noticed today, that both the Coppice Lane One, and the one on Bradford Road pointing down the ginnel were the same distance. I chose the one on Bradford Road because it wasn’t clear on Streetview.

      Well done!

      You have 13 points.

  77. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q37 Brownhills Activity Centre

  78. Kate says:

    45 – Chasewater – the dam cottage. I don’t even like to think what some FBI guy is making of my search for brownhill bob crack

  79. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q56 Abandoned Methodist Church King’s Hill near Darlaston

  80. Kate says:

    24 Clayhanger Road?

  81. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q52 Did he have a fight with Mr Stringer the Clayhanger Kid?

  82. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q18 One of 8 boreholes in Woodfield Drive/Woodfield Close/Hednesford Road Norton Canes sunk by Cannock Chase District Council to monitor water quality over an old landfill site

  83. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q18 Borehole monitoring water quality on former landfill site at Brownhills Road/Walsall Road Norton Canes

  84. Andy Dennis says:

    Q18. Chasewater dam?

    • Yes. Bingo! Well done Andy.

      It’s actually very visible; it’s at the back of pool cottages between the new road and the dam; there are several in the area and I’m not sure if they’re related to the dam or the drift shaft that was below.

  85. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q24 Walsall Road Walsall Wood next to Motor city, opposite Hall Lane and Select windows

  86. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q11 51 Brookland Road. House called Naneth

  87. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q15 Walsall Housing Group. Outside Farmfoods, Corner of High street/Silver street brownhills

  88. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q13 The Knob or Nob or Nub.

  89. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q50 Watling Street Primary School

  90. clive says:

    Q24;just off engine lane in meadow!

  91. lynn says:

    Q11 Walsall Wood library
    Q50 Beechtree Road old Doctors surgery

  92. FRED BUTLER says:

    q45 The indicator is on the wall of Tina and Carls house by the dam at Chasewater, and is there to monitor a crack in the wall to see if it is deteriorating.

  93. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q15 Brownhills Town Centre Partnership Investing in Brownhills CIC? GIC? High Street Brownhills

  94. Lynn says:

    Q50 gutter Clayhanger Methodist Church

  95. Ian James says:

    Q45 Home!

  96. Clive says:

    Q33; 7 1/2 miles

  97. Clive says:

    Q33; 4 1/2 miles

  98. Right – scores on the doors:

    Tony Jakeman – 17 points
    Kate – 14 points
    Peter – 7 points
    Andy Dennis – 7 points
    Clive – 4 points
    David Evans – 2 points
    Caz – 1 point
    Lynn – 1 point
    Trev in Aus – 1 point

    A spreadsheet of the results is here:


    These last few questions are still open:

    Q7 Weathervane
    Q13 Black path
    Q30 Decaying metalwork
    Q48 Gable end
    Q50 Gutter

    I’ll drop some clues:

    Q7 and Q50 are near other questions.
    Q13: maybe the logical end of a path
    Q30: Double-barrelled machinery
    Q48: On the frontier

    Cheers for being good sports

  99. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q48 Bethany Cottage Barracks Lane Walsall Wood

  100. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q50 Smithy’s Forge

  101. lynn says:

    Q50 Brownhills activity centre

    • Yes! Well done. Thought some of the old pupils might recognise it; it runs down the outside of the old exterior toilet block.

      You win a special prize for that.

      You have 2 points

  102. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q7 Roof of a garden arbor in the rear garden of 248 Main Street Stonnall, visible from Church Road

  103. lynn says:

    Q7 Pelsall Road?

  104. Clive says:

    Q13; A5 End
    Q30; Carvers, engine lane
    Q48; Old vicarage (st James) Ogley Hay

  105. Clive says:

    Q50; job centre, Brownhils high street

  106. Clive says:

    Q50; Brownhills central school

  107. Clive says:

    Q13; Black patch end

  108. lynn says:

    Q13 back path

  109. lynn says:

    Q50 Walsall Wood school

  110. lynn says:

    Q50 St John’s Church

  111. lynn says:

    Q50 Brownhills library

  112. Right, people. Just 2 questions left.

    Q13 What was the name for the hill at the top of the Black Path? What might one come across on a public footpath?
    Q30 Decaying metalwork. It’s part of a highly visible machine, which I think still works. It’s part, certainly, of Brownhills industrial history, and it’s two tone blood & custard with a double-barrelled name.

    Cheers for being good sports

  113. Andy Dennis says:

    Q13 The stile?

    • Yes! I have no idea where the name comes from, or how long it was in use. Certainly in the 70s/80s – 8 points

      • Andy Dennis says:

        I have no idea either, just went with the clue. I was on the phone to my sister at the time and she has no recollection of the name. When I was a kid, “over the stile” meant the stile at the end of Pavior’s Row, which was on the way to my auntie’s house in Chasetown.

        The other similar reference was the “seven stiles” which was the route to Hammerwich Church from just above the Triangle.

        Anyway, an excellent quiz. Hours of fun (and a certain amount of frustration)!!!

        Happy New Year to you and all of your followers.

        • Cheers, Andy. It might have been a kids thing, dunno. The Hedgeside reference was good though, too.

          Happy new year old chap. Your roads post will be up this week sometime. Top Work!


  114. Tony Jakeman says:

    Q30 Rushton Bucryus dragline excavator at Swan Works Pelsall Road Clayhanger. Looked at it the other day after checking out the smoking shelter at the Swan and didn’t make the connection. Vintage heavy metal

    • You got it. It was still changing position regularly (say, once a month) up until a year or so ago. Not noticed it since; I know Potclays are still collecting small amounts of clay there, so it may be used for that. It’s an antique and I remember it in my childhood.

      It’s the one thing if you search for Urban Exploration Brownhills you’ll get loads of photos of!

      With 20 points, that makes you the two-year reigning champion!

      Thanks everyone, for being good sports.
      Stay tuned for results post, coming later!

      Well done

      • Tony Jakeman says:

        I only ever drive down Pelsall Road, the proximity of the canal bridge means I’m always looking ahead and never see more of the works than the signs at the entrance. Its a brilliant piece of plant, it would be a shame if the decay was allowed to continue.

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